MAP17: Watch Your Step (Doom 64)


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MAP17: Watch Your Step is the seventeenth level of Doom 64, designed by Danny Lewis. It uses the music track "Blood Red Shadows".

It begins in a large, empty arena-like area, with a sealed-off exit and a hallway. This hallway contains various weapons, including a BFG 9000, and leads into a square room with an elevated area in the center. Ammo is strewn about, and the area is devoid of enemies, until the player steps on certain tiles. If the player doesn't "watch their step", they will be hopelessly swarmed with demons. The music for this level is the same as the music from PlayStation Doom which appears on MAP02: Nuclear Plant, MAP14: Halls of the Dammed and MAP48: Nirvana. The music resembles a sad track with strange sounds to go along with it. The level ends with a huge battle against wave after wave of demons, culminating in a battle with twin cyberdemons, provided the player is playing on Watch Me Die skill.



Map of MAP17

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  1. To access both secrets, take the teleporter in the middle structure. As soon as you exit the teleporter, shoot straight ahead to hit a switch, which will open a door behind the teleporter you are currently on. Activate the switch in the secret room, and repeat the same step with the second teleporter you need to take. Doing this will open up the secret alcoves containing a Megasphere (which is in plain sight as you enter the first arena) and an invincibility artifact, located at the hallway before the arena.

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Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Powerups BG and BIO IOD WMD
Stim packs
Health bonuses
Armor bonuses
Green armors
Blue armors
Weapons BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammunition BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammo clips
Box of bullets
Box of shells


The final arena of Kadingir Sanctum in Doom (2016) was deliberately designed to resemble the opening area of this map, which was pointed out by its designer on Twitter.[1] Similarities include the Stonehenge-like pillar layout with overlapping crossbars at different vertical levels, and the nature of the battle which takes place there as well - enemies continue to appear in shortly spread-out waves which increase in strength by varying the type of monster, starting with imps and culminating with barons of Hell. Other similarities not confirmed by the map's author include the color of the sky in both areas, and the relative positions of their exits compared to the temple structure.

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