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MAP19: City at the Mouth of Ire is the nineteenth map of Sunder. It was designed by Insane_Gazebo and uses the music track "Outer Darkness", originally composed by John Weekley (PRIMEVAL) for Plutonia: Revisited Community Project.


Map of City at the Mouth of Ire
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


This map will prove arduous due to how it handles both resources and monster encounters. A great chunk of this map takes place inside the buildings of the city, where you need to press a series of switches to move on, but also have to contend with monster encounters in each cramped locale. You will not get all the weapons right away; they will instead be behind several of the monsters you will encounter, and the BFG9000 in particular is acquired at a very late point.

The start has you dealing with revenants on boxes, imps to the west, and Hell knights to the southwest, along with a cyberdemon nearby. Grab the berserk pack and green armor, and if you need weapons, the super shotgun is behind the imps, while the rocket launcher is behind the Hell knights. There are switches near these weapons. You need to press both switches, which will reveal the area to the south of the starting point. Two arch-viles will be here, and a megasphere will be to the east, so grab it. An armor bonus and a switch are to the west of where the arch-viles were. Using the switch will make the large lift to the south accessible, so ride it down.

Head south at the bottom, and make note that this is the next area of combat. Upon shooting the switch at the south end, the box behind it will open revealing two cyberdemons and two arch-viles on top of other boxes inside. To the north, a hive mother will be active as well, so you may want to allow it to infight with the cyberdemons, as the plasma gun is behind it and you will need it. Meanwhile, Hell knights will be teleporting in from the north. The next switch is on top of the crates where the arch-viles were, and it reveals a path to the east, past another arch-vile. Take this path as it curves north to a switch. Use this switch (do not fall into the sludge below, you have no reason to go there and there is no way out), then backtrack to the previous area. Head southeast and into the smaller area. Using the switch to the south reveals four revenants from the nearby box, two arch-viles near the next switch to the north, and a cyberdemon will teleport into the area. The switch where the arch-viles were will open the way further southward.

From here, take the steps westward to the chaingun and ammo. A megasphere is further to the south. The long set of steps to the west has a switch in the middle. Use it for your next challenge. Around the stairs, arachnotrons will teleport in, while revenants will teleport to the west, at the bottom of the steps. Hell knights will teleport at the top of the steps, from where you came, and at both sides spectres will teleport in as well. Be as quick as possible when battling, because soon four hive mothers will appear, two at each side. When you are done, the bottom of the steps will be open.

You will now be in the main square of the city, where you are free to explore for the time being. Note the dead bodies you see on the streets. Make note of the blue door to the southwest of the stairs, as well as the yellow door a bit to the north. Going north of the large set of stairs and to the east, make note of the two invulnerabilities over the pit, which you are not able to access yet. A bit east of there is a trail consisting of boxes of rockets, and nearby you can get medikits, a green armor, and a soul sphere. A larger building is to the north; make note of this later as well.

Your next challenge will be up the steps near the supplies, so take them and use the switch at the south end. You will be locked in while Hell knights teleport from two teleporter locations, an arch-vile appearing to the west on top of a box, a cyberdemon showing up, and two revenants on higher boxes. After a while, the exits will open up, both back to the main streets and an area to the east. Hop the blocks going east, then take the steps to the north. Go northeast to the next switch, opening up the next area. Head past the boxes going north, then northwest to a soul sphere and the next switch. To the east is a lift switch, but the lift does not go up all the way yet. Using the other switch near the soul sphere will reveal the next batch of enemies: a cyberdemon near the lift switch, demons and arch-viles pouring in from the south end, and another arch-vile at the southeast corner, with the lion switch nearby being the one that raises the lift. Once it is clear, take this lift up, use the switch at the top, and follow the green path back south to the next switch. This switch will open the way to the larger building to the northwest.

The entrance to this building is at the west side, so enter and use the switch. Inside, you will be greeted by Hell knights, barons of Hell, imps, and revenants. Climb the steps and an arch-vile will be around the corner, while imps will spawn at the entrance. Past the arch-vile, go north from the area the revenants were at to the next segment, which is a tight confrontation of ten Hell knights and a cyberdemon. A soul sphere and megaarmor are here. Press the switch where the Hell knights were, then the one that appears in the compartment where the cyberdemon was, and you will be able to continue. Hop the blocks to the south, then use the skull switch. Ride the large lift to the south up, then head northwest. An arch-vile and three revenants will be here, while two barons of Hell emerge from a compartment nearby. Be mindful of the small, but inescapable sludge pit here as you battle these enemies. The next switch here at the northwest end will open the way to the east. Take the steps to the east here, and as they round you will have to contend with cacodemons, two arch-viles, as well as imps coming from the north. The area the imps are coming from is where the next switch is, which will remove some bars past the blocks to the south. Hop to those blocks and use this next switch, opening the way further to the north. A megasphere is in the middle of this area, and a lift switch to the northwest reveals that the lift is not up all the way. The switch to start the action is at the east wall. This switch opens the west wall with revenants and an arch-vile, while a cyberdemon is to the south along with the next switch. This switch raises the lift at the northwest up, so you can then use the lift switch to go up onto the wall with revenants, then use the switch at the south end, which will reveal a fourth switch near the lift switch. This switch lowers the larger lift to the north of the other lift. Take it up, head east, and when you round the corner, revenants and a cyberdemon will appear in front, while four Hell knights will be in the hall before along with the next switch. The switch of course opens the way past the cyberdemon to the final room of the building. On approach, the lasers will be turned off allowing the two cyberdemons to attack, while two walls will reveal Hell knights. Be mindful of the congested space as you battle here, then when finished use the switch where the cyberdemons were, then the switch at the northwest alcove, which will lower a teleporter that will finally lead you outside the building.

You will teleport to the streets, near the blue door, but with an area to the south open. There is not much to find if you explore, although there is an invulnerability near the entrance of the area you might want to take note of. The way east is blocked, and there is a huge pit at the south end you will want to avoid. The only place to go is the southwest building, so enter. Get the supplies before pressing the switch that is tucked away at the west side, as the place will open up with four revenants and three arch-viles to battle. The switch near the arch-viles will reveal a switch near the revenants, which in turn causes a nearby lift to lower. Ride this up, and to the north is the next switch to use. This will reveal five arch-viles and the way south, which you may be tempted to run to, but will also have to confront twelve revenants and seven cacodemons. Past the revenants is a switch which reveals a teleporter near the sludge. This will take you back to the streets nearby, but with the way east now open.

Again, the way further to the east is blocked, so you will have to enter the building. Make note of the powerups nearby though. The next switch is dead ahead from the entrance, and using it will reveal Hell knights and barons of Hell to the east, as well as imps teleporting in at the west side. As usual, you will have a series of switches to press: the first is where the Hell knights and barons of Hell were, the next being where the imps are teleporting from, and finally the last one is just to the southeast of there which lowers the lift leading up. The next area plays out much like the previous, with the first switch being at the northeast end, revealing a group of Hell knights nearby with the next switch. As you leave for the larger section of this area revenants will appear on the blocks while pain elementals will come in from the west side, where you will find the next switch assuming you pressed the one where the Hell knights were. This switch will reveal a nearby switch near a lift that you will take up to the final area of this building. At the top, you will have to contend with two cyberdemons (an arch-vile is in their area as well) and three hive mothers. At the east end, the final switch is to the north, guarded by two arch-viles. After using it, the teleporter out of here is where the cyberdemons were. You will then be able to continue on the streets going east.

As you probably will be aware by now, there is not much to explore here and the way further east will be blocked once again, so head south. This larger area will be a much larger challenge than the previous buildings. Make note of the switches here. There are four switches near each other, along with a lion switch to the south. The lion switch is shootable, and will give way to the brunt of the action once shot. Revenants will teleport to the high cages near the other four switches, while Hell knights and barons of Hell will teleport on the orange pads connected to the lion switch. The west wall will reveal four hive mothers. This will be a long and tough battle, and you will want to utilize monster infighting when you can. The four switches that were above the lion switch were made just for this purpose. The two switches in the center will cause cyberdemons to spawn at the north end, two for each switch. There are also two arch-viles on blocks at the north end as well. The two side switches will spawn in hive mothers, one for each switch, at the south end. When it is over, the lion switch at the west wall is your target, and it will open up the east wall where a cyberdemon is. There are two more arch-viles on blocks here, and the next switch will reveal twenty-five mancubi. Past them, head north up the steps, use the switch, and enter the teleporter. As you might expect, you will be back on the streets ready to continue going east.

And of course, you will not be able to continue east for long before going south to the next building. The only switch you will be able to press on ground floor is a lift switch. Take this lift up, hop the platforms going east, then circle around until you find a switch at the top of some small steps. You need to shoot this switch, which will have you fighting a cyberdemon, an arch-vile, and four revenants in close quarters. The switch where the arch-vile and revenants are at will reveal a lift switch at the south wall. Take this lift up, grab the megasphere in the northwest corner, and prepare to battle more revenants, Hell knights, and a hive mother. The switch where the Hell knights were reveals the teleporter to the west leading out, along with an arch-vile.

This time, there will be nothing blocking the way to the building to the east, so enter and go to the armor bonuses at the south end where the switch is. This will reveal pain elementals and lost souls from the central block, while chaingunners will spawn in from the steps to the east. After you battle them, follow the path, getting past three arch-viles along the way. Grab the megasphere if needed, then hop the blocks to the switch at the west. This will open the door to the east. In this area, the switch at the south end will cause imps to teleport nearby, three arch-viles to teleport onto the central structure, Hell knights to teleport from the north end, and a cyberdemon to appear from the east. The next switch is at the east end of the central structure, which will reveal a switch where the Hell knights came from, which will reveal a passage to the next switch where the imps were teleporting into, and this switch will remove the bars behind where the cyberdemon was. In the following area, use the switch at the west wall, then shoot the green button switch to the east that appears for the next challenge. Four cyberdemons will emerge from the southeast wall, while revenants will continue to teleport from a pad at the southeast end as well. Two hive mothers will spawn in from the hive section at the northeast, followed by two more hive mothers after some time. If you need a megasphere, one is available by using the metal wall at the east, at the middle part. When it is finally quiet, the next switch you need to press is near where the revenants teleported from, followed by another switch near the hive area to the north. You will then continue southward and westward. There will be three arch-viles to find in this hallway, but you will eventually get the blue skull key. Drop to the grounds below, then head back to the blue door which was back in the main square.

It is quiet once you first enter, but go for the northwest part of this area to find the next switch. You have to shoot this one, which will cause cacodemons to teleport in as well as a cyberdemon to the south. If you noticed, there is a switch on a ledge near the cyberdemon, which you can now access. Go here and use the switch, then the nearby lift switch, to continue further. The next shootable switch is near the lasers, which will deactivate the lasers and release the cyberdemon. A hive mother will also spawn in the room, along with cacodemons to the north and imps and lost souls to the east. Press the switch where the imps and lost souls come in, then the one near where the cacodemons come in, and finally the one that appears to the west of where the cyberdemon was for the next lift leading up. Head north and find the next shootable switch. A cyberdemon will be in the middle, cacodemons and pain elementals will spawn near the south end, and Hell knights and revenants will appear at the north end. After some time, two arch-viles will also appear, and a switch will be revealed at the south wall. Using that switch, go back north and take two lifts to the next switch, which will reveal the lift switch out of here at the west side. At this final area, shoot the switch at the north wall. Revenants will come in on the high blocks, while barons of Hell will come in from the wall of bodies on the east wall. If they cross the orange line in the middle, they will attack from the south end. Press the switch on the east side, then take the lift at the south end of the area to another switch, which will lower the bars at the north end of the area where an arch-vile, a yellow keycard, and a switch lowering a teleporter are.

Take the teleporter to appear in front of the yellow door. Open it and head north, then southeast. The shootable switch here reveals a wall of four revenants to the northeast, a cyberdemon nearby, and Hell knights and barons of Hell will teleport both near the switch and at the west end of the area. There are two arch-viles here also, and their blocks will soon lower allowing them to teleport to the southeast end. The switch near the arch-viles reveals a switch where the cyberdemon is, which in turn opens a door to the east. Follow this path, grab the megasphere and ammo, then use the nearby lift switch to continue. In the next area, the shootable switch is to the east, and it will cause a cyberdemon, imps, and revenants to spawn at the west end. To the north of the shootable switch is a rising and lowering block, with barons of Hell teleporting in and heading onto the field when the block is lowered. The next switch is up here too. This switch will reveal another one near the cyberdemon block, which in turn lowers that block allowing you to reach the switch up there. This switch reveals the lift switch behind the area where the imps and revenants are teleporting. The next area will have the shootable switch at the northwest end, and revenants and imps will teleport around, with more revenants replacing the ones that you end up killing. The shootable switch reveals a lift switch at the northwest corner, which will allow you to reach a ledge with another switch. This will open a room to the northeast with armor bonuses, as well as health bonuses on a platform and yet another switch, opening the northwest door this time. This empty room will contain the final lift switch leading up. Be mindful of this area's geometry before you shoot the lion switch here, as you will have to contend with lots of cacodemons and no less than four cyberdemons in this confined room. When finished, the switches to press are at the north end, then across the platforms going south and west (a little southwest from the previous switch), and finally the southeast corner. The teleporter leading out of this building is to the south.

You will teleport just to the east of the yellow key building, with the area to the north now being open. To the east is yet another building, but it is not open for now. Neither is the fenced-in area to the east, but that will change if you go further north and up the steps. Use the gargoyle switch, which will open the fenced-in area from the west side. Enter and go all the way east, using the lion switch at the end. Arch-viles will appear in the fenced-in area, while cacodemons will harass you from the outside. More arch-viles and a cyberdemon will spawn inside soon enough, so do not let your guard down. After some time passes, a lift in the middle of the area will rise. Use it to reach a switch at the top of the boxes. This will make another lift rise, this time at the west end. Ride this lift and press the switch to leave the fenced-in area.

Make note of the west wall, which is not open yet, and now go to the building to the east that was previously locked off. Follow the trail of armor bonuses, then health bonuses, as you go up the steps to a switch. This switch will lower a lift to the south, so quickly get on before it rises. Head northeast when you reach the top and use the switch. Revenants will teleport to the fenced-in area nearby, plus two arch-viles as well, while Hell knights will appear further to the south. Use the step to reach the fenced-in area, then use the switch here. Go to the south end and use the gargoyle switch, revealing some steps to the next lift switch. Head north as much as you can to the next switch, and be prepared to fight off imps to the south as well as barons of Hell coming from the nearby wall to the west. After the barons of Hell, another wall will soon lower, containing revenants, followed by another wall containing two cyberdemons. After some more time passes, the last wall will lower, revealing three arch-viles and a switch. This switch will lower the bars to the east, with this particular switch outside lowering the teleporter.

You will now be to the east of the previous building with the way to the north open. Your next destination is the fenced-in area to the north, as there is nowhere else you can really go. This fenced-in area is quite dangerous with the damaging floors here, and you will also have to contend with three cyberdemons and lots of revenants after you use the northeast switch. Eventually a hive mother will also appear. Basically you will be trapped here until a period of time passes, so make sure to ration your supplies well and survive in order to leave. Afterwards, climb the large set of steps all the way up to the next building, using the lift switch to enter.

Inside are several towers with health and armor bonuses on them along with supplies on the perimeters, so collect what is needed. You will fight the biggest battle so far in this very room. To start, go to the steps at the northeast end, then go south all the way and shoot the switch. The walls nearby will lower, allowing you to head back to the arena, and you might as well as the perimeters will have revenants and cacodemons teleporting in. The center pad will have three cyberdemons teleport in, as well as four hive mothers, then two arch-viles after some time has passed. The lift on the west side will soon be available as well, so when it is quiet, take it up and head south to the switch. This will open the northeast wall where once again, pressing the switch will lower a teleporter.

Once you teleport, you will recognize the area as the one with the first fenced-in area, which is just southwest of the building you finished. This time, the area to the west will be open. While you are free to explore this vast region, be mindful of the pits. You will find a large set of steps going north, but the way is blocked for now. The structure to the east has a lift switch, but you cannot use it now. If you go further east, you will find supplies on embankments here, plus another switch across some platforms over the sludge. Ultimately, you are supposed to follow the road to the next building at the west end, although if you detour to the south, you will find a switch atop some steps that requires the red key.

Upon entering the westernmost building, climb the steps as they go up. When you can go east, do so, and then go around the large block to the switch. You will have to fight enemies in segments here, starting with the southeast end of the block, which will reveal revenants and mancubi. This is followed by the northwest end, the northeast end, and the southwest end, all featuring the same enemies. Afterwards, the north and south walls will lower, revealing barons of Hell, and two hive mothers will appear at the hive squares to the north and south. Finally, the center of the block will lower with four arch-viles and a switch that will raise the eastern lift all the way up. Ride it up and take the steps up to the red key.

Now that you have that key, you can head south of this building and up all the steps to reach the red switch. You will finally be able to get the BFG9000 after you press this switch. Enter the teleporter behind the BFG9000 to start the next segment. You will realize that there are still over half the enemies remaining on the map, and that you are near the southeast building on the map, where you got the blue key before. You will have to fight hordes of enemies, including Hell knights, demons, revenants, arch-viles (these in particular will be resurrecting dead monsters on the streets), cacodemons, and imps as you wait for successive walls to lower allowing you to backtrack. This is a tough challenge, but if you took notice of all the powerups that were sitting on the blocks from before, these blocks have now lowered, so use those megaspheres and invulnerabilities the best way you can. Your goal here is the road near the second fenced-in area, where a hive mother will be on top of a round area that is now accessible via the lift switch (this switch was here before, but the lifts had not been raised yet). Use the green button switch at the northeast end of this round area to reveal a teleporter to the southwest. Take this teleporter to be at the vast region at the north end.

Now you can climb the large set of steps going north. Three soul spheres, a green armor, and ammo on the perimeters are here, plus a lift leading up to the switch that initiates the final battle of the map. On the grounds below, you will have to contend with Hell knights, barons of Hell, revenants, demons, arch-viles (again, these will resurrect dead enemies in this area), and then later on more arch-viles and even hive mothers will spawn to the grounds. Two large rocks on the field will have revenants spawn in, while two large blocks in the back will have spider masterminds warping in, with more replacing them should they fall in battle. These are later followed by two hive mothers. All the while, cacodemons will come in from the large gaping mouth at the north end of the map. Make no mistake, this is truly the final battle of the map, and despite all the space you are provided with, may actually prove much tougher than the last segment, especially with the pits in several places. The distinct lack of health also does not help matters, as you must rely on the soul spheres on the large platform from before, plus another one further to the east, as far as health goes.

Regardless, when you can, make your way to the east side of this area and go across the platforms to the switch. After you do that, you need to head all the way to the west side, towards the red key building. Follow the beige lines as they go counter-clockwise around the building, until you see some platforms leading to a lion switch. Make your way to this lion switch and press it. With that switch pressed, you will be able to access the structure to the east of the large set of steps, as the lift has raised up all the way. There are two arch-viles guarding the final switch here. This will raise some steps leading into the large gaping mouth. Jump in and head all the way north to reach the exit.

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Things 12180
Vertices 55802*
Linedefs 65524
Sidedefs 48119
Sectors 11699
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 55802.


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