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of a PC level.

This level occupies the map slot MAP19. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP19.

MAP19: Deepest Reaches is the nineteenth map of PlayStation Final Doom, and the sixth map of the TNT episode. It is based on the PC version of MAP16: Deepest Reaches from TNT: Evilution, with modifications to accommodate the PlayStation's framerate and memory limitations and add enhancements such as colored lighting. It uses the music track "A Calm Panic Rises".

The author of the original level was Andre Arsenault. Changes for the PlayStation port were authored by Tim Heydelaar.[1]


Map of Deepest Reaches
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Blue key

Kill the enemies in the starting room, then head south through the door. Cross the red rock pit by either jumping over the rocks or dropping into the pit and lowering the lift with a super shotgun on it (this option will inflict damage). After reaching the south side of the pit, squeeze into a passage between two green torches to find a room with two doors - for now, go through the door on your right.

Climb the stairs to enter a large wooden room. Go forward and then turn right to enter the central structure. Press the switch in front of you to raise the walls of the room and reveal numerous enemies. Climb up the staircases to the south or west and press the switch on the west wall. This will open a door in the east wall of the room, so head east and go through that door to find a staircase leading down to a water-filled cave. Go east until you go down a water staircase. At the bottom you will find a room with a marble floor - turn round and you will see a teleporter. Walk into that teleporter to enter a small alcove containing the blue skull key.

After taking the key, ignore the teleporter in front of you and step backwards into the teleporter you were standing on. You will be returned to the room with two doors.

Yellow key

Go through the door in front of you (in the south-east corner of the room). Go east across a small river and step on a lift which will take you down. When the lift stops, go down the staircase to another lift, which will take you down to a hallway with a wooden door. Press the gargoyle switch to open the door, go through it and head down the steps to a room with an altar under a large crucifix. Go through the blue door in the north-east corner and climb the staircase behind it. At the top, head north and west until you enter a red room. From here, go south up a series of small steps until you reach a teleporter. Go through it to a small cave - follow the cave north, west and south to find the yellow skull key on a star-shaped floor.

Backtrack to the first red cavern and head north through a tunnel. You will eventually drop into a brown cave - as soon as you do, go west and you will enter a teleporter. Open the brown wall in front of you, and you will find yourself above the red rock pit south of the starting area. Cross it again and return to the room with two doors.


Go through the south-west door again to get back into the wooden room, then go south-east into the water cave and east down the staircase to return to the marble room you found earlier. Go east and open the yellow door at the end of this room. Go down the stairs here to enter a large marble chamber - instead of dropping into the pit, walk round it to the north wall and you will see a marble face texture between two candelabras. Open this wall and step into the teleporter behind it. You will be returned to the altar room, with a switch in front of you. Press it and a staircase will lower next to you - go down it and press the switch at the bottom to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]


  1. After passing through the first door, hug the wall to the left. When you come to a brightly-lit section of wall, open it to reveal a hidden box of bullets. (sector 254)
  2. Behind the blue door is a brown rocky path leading upwards. After following the stairs to the top, the path splits in two - go right, into the cave. Open the wall to the right (which is textured slightly different than the surrounding walls) to reveal a secret cave. Run to the back and wait until a BFG9000 rises up from a crevasse in the ground, otherwise it will continue rising until it is unreachable. (sector 18)
  3. Return to the fork in the path from secret #2. This time go left, following the path alongside a cliff. When you reach the glowing red caves, immediately turn right and follow the narrow path until you reach a "window" looking out at a brown cave. Run northwest out of the window straight into the brown wall across from it, which is actually a false wall. You will now be in a marble room with a demon face wall. (sector 265) If you open this wall, a megasphere will be revealed.
  4. From secret #3, drop down into the brown cave you jumped over. Go west to enter a teleporter, then open the brown wall in front of you. You will find yourself on a ledge overlooking the red rock pit south of the starting room. (sector 267)


The red skull key in this level is useless, due to the removal of the room that requires it to enter.

Comparison of versions[edit]

Numerous changes were made to this level compared with the PC version.

Removed areas[edit]

  • The deep pit on the north side of the level is removed, along with a few sectors leading back to the main path.
  • The room behind the red door in the north-eastern area of the level is removed (see Bugs).

Room design[edit]

  • All switches use a gargoyle face on metal wall texture (SW1GARG).
  • Numerous rooms throughout the level have simplified shapes.
  • A number of staircases have fewer steps. These include the stairs in the wooden south-western room, the staircase in the red skull key room and the stairs down to the exit switch.
  • The jagged ledges over the red rock pit south of the starting area are wider. The staircase leading out of this pit is replaced with a teleporter, along with the switch that raises it.
  • Zero-height sectors are added around the red rock pit, to allow its height to exceed 256 units.
  • The island in the water-filled south area of the level has a different shape, along with the collection of rocks that sits on it.
  • The marble room halfway down the water staircase leading to the yellow door is changed to a small chamber with short blue firesticks.
  • The stalactite is removed from the path leading to the exit area.
  • The tall lift leading down to the exit area is replaced with two shorter lifts and a staircase.
  • The red path in the center of the level, leading to the yellow skull key, is now in two parts separated by teleporters.
  • The star on which the yellow skull key rests uses a red floor instead of sky.
  • The halls in the north side of the level (past the now-removed deep pit) are changed to a single wide loop, and the path leading back to the starting room is replaced with a teleporter.
  • The marble face and scrolling face textures are removed from the square room behind the yellow door.
  • Blood streams and pools are removed from the north-eastern marble room.

Monster placement[edit]

  • Chaingunners are replaced with shotgun guys.
  • The mancubus in the wooden room in the south-west corner of the level is removed without replacement.
  • The mancubus just before the yellow door is removed without replacement on the Hurt Me Plenty and Ultra Violence skill levels (HMP/UV).
  • The two mancubi that appear in the large north-eastern marble chamber on HMP/UV are replaced with three demons and one nightmare spectre. On I am a Wimp/Not Too Rough (IAAW/NTR), cacodemons are replaced with demons.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains nine spawn points:

  1. facing south-west. (thing 202)
  2. facing south-west. (thing 203)
  3. facing north-east. (thing 204)
  4. facing west. (thing 205)
  5. facing north. (thing 206)
  6. facing east. (thing 207)
  7. facing east. (thing 208)
  8. facing north-east. (thing 209)
  9. facing east. (thing 210)


Map data[edit]

Things 340
Vertices 1957*
Linedefs 1579
Sidedefs 2210
Sectors 296
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1295.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

Technical information[edit]

Inspiration and development[edit]



  1. Heydelaar, Tim (21 January 2019). "Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs." Doomworld Forums. Retrieved 18 January 2021.