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MAP22: Factory: Forge is a level in Strife. It uses the music track "Slide".


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow.

The forge is an optional level accessed from the manufacturing wing, containing a medium level of resistance and a good amount of items. The Veteran Edition makes this level more important, as it leads to a secret production area where the last of the three talismans can be found.

Spoilers end here.


Map of Factory: Forge
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets.


There are no "essentials" here in the original game, as this level is a strictly optional area that holds a number of items and enemies for explorers. In the Veteran Edition, you will want to find the Master Smithy who can open the door to the production area for you.

Head past the metal barriers and go outside, then head straight forward until you see a staircase going down. Next to this staircase are two wide steps leading to a button. Press it and head through the left-hand door that opens, then go forward past the lift and turn left into a doorway leading to a corridor. Go down the corridor until you can duck into a doorway on the left, then climb either staircase in this room to speak to the Master Smithy, who is wearing a blue shirt.

If you have acquired the information from Timothy, then the smithy will tell you what he has learned about the Order and that they are breeding some kind of creature in a hidden production area, which he will open for you. Leave the room and return to the corridor, then turn left and head to the end before opening the door on your left. Go through and you will see a lift ahead. Go to it, lower the lift and ride it up to the production area.

Other points of interest[edit]

There is a storeroom with crates near the center of the level which contains several items including a metal armor, a leather armor, two boxes of bullets, two bullet clips and a medical kit. If you climb up the crates to the north-west corner of the room, you can get into a small tunnel which holds a shadow armor.



There are no official secrets in this level.


  • In the north-eastern area of the level, climb up either staircase to the walkway and open the door in the north-east corner to find a nook with a medical kit, metal armor and a box of bullets. Throw the switch here and head down to the lower floor, then open the large doors in the center of the room to find an area with another medical kit and two energy packs. Step into the glowing light here, then return to where you found the switch to see that another alcove has opened with a scanner and a grenade launcher.


Areas / screenshots[edit]


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains fifteen spawn points:

  1. facing west. (thing 5)
  2. facing east. (thing 6)
  3. facing south-west. (thing 7)
  4. facing north-east. (thing 8)
  5. facing east. (thing 9)
  6. facing north. (thing 10)
  7. facing west. (thing 11)
  8. facing north. (thing 110)
  9. facing west. (thing 111)
  10. facing north-west. (thing 112)
  11. facing north. (thing 113)
  12. facing north-west. (thing 114)
  13. facing east. (thing 148)
  14. facing east. (thing 149)
  15. facing west. (thing 150)


Map data[edit]

Things 252
Vertices 1455*
Linedefs 1493
Sidedefs 2062
Sectors 216
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 1253.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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