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MAP22: Power Station is the twenty-second map of Claustrophobia 1024 2. It was designed by Justin Murphy (KingKill33) and Dreadopp, and uses a MIDI rendition of "Moskau" by Rammstein as its music track.


Map of Power Station
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Use the shotgun in front of you to kill the approaching imps, then head east and north to a small building with one or two shotgun guys. Press the button and kill the demons, imps and shotgun guys that appear on the teleporter pads outside, then go back to the starting point and head through a now-open doorway in the south-east corner - note the red key door in the next room as you will need to open it later. Flip the switch in this room then go back outside and walk north into a small lava pool - the doors will close and you will need to kill some imps that appear overhead while you wait for them to reopen. Continue north to a lift and ride it down, then fight through one or two shotgun guys and some imps to another switch, flip it then ride the lift back up and go back outside. Head east from here to find that the pillar holding the red keycard has lowered, allowing you to take it.

Go to the red door you saw earlier and open it to enter a room with a super shotgun, then pull the nearby switch to open the window so you can kill the cacodemons and other monsters that are teleporting in. Go back outside and return to the teleporter pads at the north end of the map, then look west to see a lift moving up and down and ride it up to a platform with two switches - the right-hand switch requires the blue key (see Secrets), but you can flip the left-hand switch to lower a platform by the starting point which holds the yellow keycard. Fight the imps (plus Hell knights on Hurt Me Plenty, and chaingunners and a baron of Hell on Ultra-Violence and Nightmare skill levels) that teleport in, collect the yellow key then look north to see a lift which goes up to a chaingunner defending a switch and a yellow key door.

Flip the switch to open a door to the east, then open the yellow door and run across the pillars above the lava to get to a megaarmor; the door will close before you can get through it, and some imps will teleport behind you. Step back across to the switch and flip it a second time to reopen the door, then step through it to get back outside. You should see a red button open on the wall ahead - shoot it then walk east to drop down to a crate with a rocket launcher, which will help you clear out the two mancubi and/or knights that have appeared along with other monsters. Go back to the red key door, which has an arch-vile behind it, and flip the silver switch that has opened in the south-east corner, then go back outside to dispose of a second arch-vile that has teleported in, then head back through the yellow key door and step over the lava to return to the previous platform. You can now run south across some more pillars to an exit door, which you can interact with to finish the level.

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  1. When you enter the room behind the red door for the first time, the blue keycard will become available. Go back to the lava pool and then into the next room, and you will see a computer screen to your right moving up and down. Behind it, you will find the blue key. (sector 353) With the blue key, go back outside and return to the platform that has the switch which holds the yellow key. You can now flip the right-hand switch to open a white teleporter in the south-west corner of the map, which leads to a secret supercharge.


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UV max 3:17.43 cryoniq 2021-09-07
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Map data[edit]

Things 193
Vertices 3917*
Linedefs 3716
Sidedefs 6210
Sectors 601
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 3199.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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