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This level occupies the map slot MAP23. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP23.

MAP23: Bloodpit is the twnety-third map of 32 in 24, a deathmatch megawad. It was designed by Ronald Lubbelinkhof (Dutch Devil) and uses the music track "Suspense," originally composed by Robert Prince for Doom.

It was Lubbelinkhof's second map for the project, following Warpath. Overall it was the twenty-sixth map to be submitted, arriving about twenty and a half hours into the session. According to Lubbelinkhof, it took about half an hour to build.


Spawn pointsUnmarked
Map of Bloodpit

Map layout[edit]

Bloodpit is a very small map, with the entire map area fitting inside a 1408x1408 unit square. The map consists of hallways with red brick walls running around the outskirts of the map, with a central area featuring a structure that holds the eponymous blood pit, a small octagon with a soulsphere at the bottom, and fast, 1-second lifts to get back out again.

Two octagonal structures attached to the north-west and south-east edges of the pit hold items at their centre which can be obtained by pressing the lion-head switches inside. Players can get a berserk from the north-west, and a megaarmor from the south-east.

In the outermost hallway, a plasma gun can be found near the south-east corner of the map, and a rocket launcher near the north-west corner. In the north-east corners and south-west corners, players can find a chaingun and shotgun respectively. Decent amounts of ammo of all types can be found near to their respective weapon pickups. The only health in the map is the soulsphere and four stimpacks in the bloodpit, plus some health bonuses towards the south-eastern parts.

Player spawns[edit]

This level contains eight spawn points, all of which are place on top of a super shotgun.

  1. In the blood pit, facing east. Spawn #8 is also located here. (thing 4)
  2. In the north-west corner of the map, facing south-east. This is the closest spawn to the rocket launcher. (thing 7)
  3. In the south-east corner of the map, facing north-west. This is the closest spawn to the plasma gun. (thing 26)
  4. In the inside part of the map, south-west of the pit, facing north-east. (thing 28)
  5. In the inside part of the map, north-east of the pit, facing south-west. (thing 30)
  6. In the north-east corner of the map, facing south-west. The chaingun is in front of this spawn. (thing 65)
  7. In the south-west corner of the map, facing north-east. The shotgun is in front of this spawn. (thing 66)
  8. In the blood pit, opposite spawn #1, facing west. (thing 86)

Areas / screenshots[edit]


Map data[edit]

Things 89
Vertices 389*
Linedefs 358
Sidedefs 552
Sectors 40
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 300.


Weapons 1-2 3 4-5
Shotgun 1
Super shotgun 8
Chaingun 1
Rocket launcher 1
Plasma gun 1
Ammunition 1-2 3 4-5
Clip 8
4 shotgun shells 16
Rocket 8
Energy cell 4
Health & Armor 1-2 3 4-5
Stimpack 4
Megaarmor 1
Items 1-2 3 4-5
Armor bonus 10
Health bonus 10
Supercharge 1
Berserk 1
Miscellaneous 1-2 3 4-5
Deathmatch start 8

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