MAP24: No Escape (Doom 64)


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MAP24: No Escape is the 24th map of Doom 64, designed by Randy Estrella. It uses the music track "Dark Echo", also heard in MAP10: The Bleeding. The central portion of the level is a massive arena filled with nightmare imps, mancubi, lost souls and cyberdemons. The player has to find a switch which will release twin cyberdemons from a large cage (if the player is on Watch Me Die skill level). Once all cyberdemons are dead, the level will automatically end. This challenging map serves as the penultimate level of the game's single-player campaign, as the next level is MAP28: The Absolution, where the player will face the Mother Demon and her final hordes.



Map of MAP24

This is based on the assumption that the difficulty is on Watch Me Die.

You begin in a central elevated safe-haven where you'll find a shotgun and several medkits lining the perimeter, and in the middle of the room is a switch that opens the four doors to the outside. Choose any door to exit the room and prepare to fight the hoards of nightmare imps, a few mancubi, and a cyberdemon.

The primary objective is to kill the two cyberdemons in the giant cage located due-north of your starting point. To do this, open the cage by jumping down into the red radiation pit due-east of the cage, into the alcove where nightmare imps lurk, blast through them, and go through the portal which will take you to a fortress-like section that has a green radiation pit in the center with an armor pickup. If you pickup the armor, three sections of the back wall in that room will drop down to unleash a hoard of lost souls on you, but once you dispatch them, you can find health and ammo in the alcoves. Then run over to the open protrusion and jump over to the adjacent alcove to the right and activate the switch. Then jump down and head for the red radiation pit again, go back through the alcove to the portal to enter the fortress-like section again, but this time, go into the newly opened alcove and activate the switch, which will open the cage and release the cyberdemons.

Inside the cyberdemon cage are several boxes of rockets. Collect them to top off your rocket launcher ammo and fight the cyberdemons. Unlike previous levels, there is no exit switch. The level ends when all cyberdemons are killed.

100% Completion[edit]


Shotgun guy, Nightmare imp, Lost soul, Pain elemental, Mancubus, Cyberdemon


Backpack, Armor, Mega-armor, Soulsphere, Mega Sphere (Be Gentle Difficulty)


  • A wall in spiral area contains plasma gun and energy ammo.
  • The square column with switches has a bare side that lowers a special column containing a backpack.
  • When at the top of the elevator near the rocket launcher totem, shoot at the black column behind it using a hitscan weapon to open a niche in the red radiation pit containing a BFG-9000.


Routes and tricks[edit]

Stay on top of the elevators and let the cyberdemons get close to you, then use a powerful weapon like the super shotgun, BFG-9000, or the Unmaker to take them out. While higher up, the cyberdemons' rockets will not reach you, although you should expect to take some splash damage.

It is also possible to shoot the two cyberdemons inside the cage through the bars using the Unmaker after destroying the first loose cyberdemon. Any additional beams of the Unmaker earned from Demon Keys will usually autoaim into the gap when shots are timed well.



Map data[edit]


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Powerups BG and BIO IOD WMD
Stim packs
Health bonuses
Armor bonuses
Green armors
Blue armors
Weapons BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammunition BG and BIO IOD WMD
Ammo clips
Box of bullets
Box of shells

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