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MAP26: The Tomb of Terror is the thirteenth map of Hellfire. It was designed by Shadowman and uses the music track "".


Map of The Tomb of Terror
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. Fall into the blood at the start and head east. Open the wall between the right gargoyle and the satyr faces to find a stimpack and a backpack. (sector 371)
  2. Head to the hub and fall into the blood to the left. Go to the west wall and open the one between the left gargoyle and the satyr face to find ammo clips and a medikit on a lift leading up. (sector 299)
  3. Use the lift at Secret #2 to get up to the next hall. Head one segment south and open the east wall to get energy cells. (sector 109)
  4. Head north in the same hall, then west, then south one segment. Open the west wall to find a box of rockets. (sector 121)
  5. After you get the red key room, leave the way you came to the segmented hallway and enter the second alcove on the right. Open the wall to get a green armor and a box of ammo from the lost souls. (sector 140)
  6. At the east intersection, head north and open the door. Fall into the blood on the left side and open the southwest corner. Follow the corridor of ammo clips to get to a box of rockets and rockets in a cage. (sector 205)
  7. At the east intersection, head north and open the door. Fall into the blood on the right side and open the wall to the south (just slightly west of the platform to the south. Lower the lift here to get energy cells and medikits. (sector 181)
  8. At the eastern blood cave, use the switch on the west side. Return to the intersection and head south and up the steps. Open the door and wait for the walkway to rise. Use the blue torch in the middle and return to the previous room. Shoot the skull switch, then run back down the steps and to the opening which leads to a cage with a box of ammo and rockets. (sector 175)
  9. If you lowered the teleporter in Secret #7, the teleporter in Secret #8 will be accessible. Enter it to get an energy cell, an energy cell pack, and a megasphere on the platform above. (sector 289)
  10. In the eastern blood cave, fall into the blood and open the southwest corner wall. Use the lift to enter the southeast cage with energy cells and a medikit. (sector 178)
  11. While the cage in Secret #10 is down, head to the southeast end to get a BFG9000 from a secret room. (sector 294)
  12. In the blood cave at the south end, head into the blood at the west side and open the middle wall at the west side to find a corridor with a box of ammo and an energy cell. The corridor leads back to the southwest room. (sector 340)
  13. Enter the southwest room from Secret #12 and enter the alcove to the north. Use the switch there, then enter the corridors on the west wall to get rockets, a berserk pack, and a teleporter back to the blood cave at the south end. (sector 362)
  14. In the maze at the south end, head a bit east from the radiation suits and go south to the wall. Open it to find energy cells and an invulnerability. (sector 354)
  15. In the maze at the southeast end, after getting the blue key, head to the northeast end and find the switch here. Afterwards, go to the southeast end of the maze and follow the corridor outside getting a box of shotgun shells and an ammo clip along the way. Outside you can find more ammo and a megasphere, and you can go inside the maze getting more supplies. (sector 432)
  16. At the outside area at the northwest end of the map, open the east door. Shoot the northwest wall to find corridors with spectres, health bonuses, an energy cell, and a soul sphere. (sector 602)
  17. After using the switch at the northwest end at the east crypt with the arch-vile, return to the room south of the crushers and go through the vines in the northwest corner. Go north to the teleporter. On the other side, open the west wall to get an energy cell pack. (sector 615)


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Map data[edit]

Things 990
Vertices 5226*
Linedefs 5508
Sidedefs 8026
Sectors 644
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 4390.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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