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MAP26: The Void Dreams of Huge Guts is the twenty-sixth map of The UnMaking. It was designed by scwiba.


Map of The Void Dreams of Huge Guts
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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  1. Ascend to the platform with the berserk pack near the beginning of the map, and then face the start. Straferun across the gap to a ledge slightly to your left. From here you can proceed down and to the left to find four armor bonuses and a BFG. (sector 964)
  2. Immediately upon collecting the blue skull key, run off the edge toward the tallest bloodfall in order to fall onto an Unmaker. (sector 797)
  3. While making your way toward the yellow skull key area, you will climb a long series of steps that takes you through a hexagonal sector with three boxes of shells followed by three medikits in a row. At the top of these steps is a single health bonus. From the health bonus, you would normally jump down to the platform with the rocket to continue to the yellow skull key. However, there is a higher platform just beyond that one which you can also reach. You must perform a precise straferun to do so, and then turn about 135 degrees to your right to see another lower section to which you can make a running jump. This second jump will lead you to a demon key. (sector 86)
  4. From the normal path in secret #3, you will cross a series of high platforms with rockets and nightmare imps on them, and a suit of armor green toward the end. Right before the armor, look to the right and you will see megaarmor that you can jump down to collect. (sector 674)
  5. After obtaining the yellow skull key, a new path opens to the southwest of the blue skull key area, marked by yellow torches. This path winds its way upward to a point where you pass two medikits and reach a hexagonal sector with a box of shotgun shells, a box of ammo, and a box of rockets. From this fork you can continue up the steps in order to return to the beginning of the map, or walk toward a third medikit. Past the third medikit is a path downward into damaging liquid and then eventually up again to a megaarmor. This counts as the secret but you can also jump to an additional light amplification visor from here. (sector 809)
  6. At the fork described in secret #5, take the path back toward the beginning of the map. A radiation shielding suit will have lowered. (sector 983)
  7. Continuing from secret #6, pass the two red torches to find a new area has opened. You can drop down here to find a demon key. (sector 925)
  8. Directly north of the yellow key card there is a rocket launcher surrounded by three rockets. From that location, follow the path to the northeast that slowly climbs back toward the central hub. Fall into a pit on the left side where you cannot see the bottom. Below is an invulnerability and Unmaker. (sector 410)
  9. In the interior section to the northeast of the red key card, follow the damaging liquid as far north as you can to find a supercharge. The best location to drop into the damaging liquid is from the hexagonal sector just before you jump the gap toward two nightmare imps. (sector 486)
  10. Right after the nightmare imps described in secret #9, two transparent green lost souls rise out of a pit. Fall into the pit to find another megaarmor. (sector 170)
  11. Collect all six skull and key cards to lower a demon key next to the six colored torches marking the path toward the ending. (sector 246)


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Map data[edit]

Things 764
Vertices 14246*
Linedefs 8403
Sidedefs 15659
Sectors 1201
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 6932.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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