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MAP28: Baron's Lair is the twenty-eighth map of PlayStation Final Doom and is the fourth level of the Plutonia episode. It is based on MAP06: Baron's Lair of the PC version (originally designed by Dario Casali for Plutonia Experiment) as an adaptation with colored lighting applied and some simplifications done on level geometry, texture set and monster types count. Changes for the PlayStation port were authored by Tim Heydelaar.[1] It uses the music track "Creeping Brutality" by Aubrey Hodges (during the demo playback, however, the music track is "Credits & Demo", also by Aubrey Hodges).


Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Other points of interest[edit]



  • The lamps of the exit portal have wrong flat offset. Raised in the process of moving the portal to a different, southern location.
  • In the revenants room (western area), some walls behind the door in the southern pit have wrong Y-offset and thus are displayed stretched (linedefs 775 and 777).
  • Inside the same room, the walls (linedefs 786 and 798) will acquire horizontal stretching after the lift is completely lowered.
  • In each of the deathmatch start closets in the central area, every switch (linedefs 579, 585, 591, 619, 622, 624, 1214 and 1226) has wrong Y-offset which results them being drawn inversely and stretched (actually, cannot be noticed during the game due to the all rooms being dark).

Areas / screenshots[edit]

Versions comparison[edit]

When the map was ported to the PlayStation it underwent different changes:

  • The starting area:
    • The most obvious thing observed by players who also played the original PC version of the level is the large skull block in the center of the map with various weapons lying under it. The notabilities are as follows: 1) the skull block now looks like a solid cube rather than an "empty paperboard-like" box. 2) In order to get weapons in the original the players had to step inside the block to make the weapons magically, "from nowhere" appear in their inventories. This technique was known in the Doom engine as Voodoo doll (that is when multiple player starts are in a level to get special effects working; in this case a fake player stands on a platform with weapons below it and is lowered when the skull cube is entered. Therefore, the actual player gets the weapons). The PlayStation version completely simplifies it. All that weapons the players get (namely super shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher and plasma gun) appear underneath the solid cube and clearly visible making them recognizable.
  • There are no wall flags in the level. The flags served as a color-coded indicator of which color of a key is needed for a door (the black one meant no key is needed). They were all replaced with widespread colored skulls. The black flag was instead replaced with a simple grey wall.

Technical information[edit]

Inspiration and development[edit]



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