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This level occupies the map slot MAP32. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP32.

MAP32: Morgue Theft is the second secret map of Doom 2 Unleashed. It was designed by Christopher Shepherd (ArmouredBlood) and uses the music track "State of Rage" by Maxime Tondreau (Psychedelic Eyeball).


Map of Morgue Theft
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Blue key[edit]

Ride the lift in front of you down and kill the two shotgun guys ahead, then open the door to face two demons guarding a rocket launcher. Go through and take the weapon, but watch out for imps and cacodemons on your left and shotgun guys and a baron of Hell on your right. Go through the east door and follow the passage until you go round a corner, where you will see five revenants guarding another door. Open this door but do not go through it immediately - kill the chaingunners and arachnotrons first, then go through the door (which will close behind you) to collect a super shotgun and use it to kill two Hell knights. At the south end of the room is a megaarmor and two energy cells - when you approach these items the surrounding walls will lower, and you will find yourself surrounded by imps, chaingunners and knights.

After killing all the monsters, head south up a staircase and kill the demons at the top then go through the door behind them and head round the corner. Ahead are twelve square chambers containing numerous monsters, including four mancubi and arachnotrons. Head west through the chambers, checking left and right for any monsters waiting in ambush, until you reach a silver door and go through it to a larger hall with a nukage river. You will face mancubi, demons and knights on your side of the room, while imps, cacodemons and revenants attack from across the river - clear all the monsters you can see, then open the door in the north wall and go down the steps. Around the corner is a seemingly empty hallway with a supercharge.

When you approach the supercharge a wall will open on your left and reveal imps and spectres; each time you climb up a step the wall behind you will open to reveal another wave of monsters. Keep climbing the steps and dispatching the enemies until you reach a switch on the south wall behind a plasma gun; pressing it will open a wall to the north and reveal four mancubi, two revenants and an arch-vile. Kill the arch-vile before it resurrects too many monsters, then head north up a set of steps and open the door to enter a passage holding the blue keycard. Watch out for three crushing ceilings that activate when you walk through the door.

Yellow key[edit]

After getting the blue key, drop through the hole in front of you and be ready to kill several monsters on your right, including two mancubi. Clear the area and head east through the door to return to where you found the rocket launcher, then head east through another door and open the door on your left between two blue key markers. You will enter a room with a blue floor - kill the baron behind the desk ahead, but move forward slowly as there are zombies waiting behind the columns on either side. After clearing the room, open the door in the east wall to find a room with zombies, imps, revenants, knights and arachnotrons - enter the room slowly so you can kill them in small groups. After clearing the room, go up the steps and press the switch in the north-east corner to open a door due west of you.

Go back down the steps and head through the door you just opened - chaingunners will be waiting on either side of the door to ambush you, and there will be imps, cacodemons, mancubi and an arachnotron ahead. Head west up the steps to collect an armor, then go through the door behind it to enter a room with a spiderdemon - there are three barriers that raise and lower which you can use as cover, but you can also use the chaingun and plasma gun to keep the spiderdemon stunned. Once the spider dies, climb on to its platform then follow the south wall along a silver ledge to three doors which are hiding a baron, a knight and a revenant. Go through the doors and press the switch on your left, then drop off the ledge to kill an arch-vile before it resurrects too many monsters.

Head south and go back through the blue key door, then head through a second door in front of you which has now opened and step into the teleporter behind it. You will arrive in a room with crates - head left or right then go south to find several chaingunners guarding a door, then go through it to find a BFG9000 next to a staircase. Approaching the weapon will open walls on either side of the room hiding chaingunners and revenants, so clear them out then head down the stairs into a nukage trench guarded by imps and spectres and climb up some crates to a backpack. Head south from here through a door, behind which you will find the yellow keycard on a platform along with a supercharge and ammo.

Red key[edit]

As soon as you pick up the yellow key, turn left to see an open door - behind it is a large nukage pool with a cyberdemon, as well as four mancubi and many cacodemons which are likely to infight due to splash damage from the cyberdemon's rockets. Approach the door and step into the alcove next to it to collect a radiation shielding suit and two stimpacks - you can use this alcove as cover from the cyberdemon, which is too tall to fit through the door. Once the cyberdemon and other monsters have been cleared, go through the door and head north-east to solid ground, then head up the stairs to find a number of shotgun guys as well as an arch-vile and four chaingunners protecting a switch.

Pressing the switch will raise a bridge behind you, and open a door at its opposite end to reveal eight revenants. Dispose of them and cross the bridge, then head up the steps to a nukage river that is guarded by chaingunners and spectres - six mancubi will also rise from the ground when you reach the top of the steps. Kill all the monsters then head east to find two switches on either side of a metal gate; take the megaarmor then press both switches to open the gate and reveal two cyberdemons guarding a pentagram with a supercharge. Collect the supercharge to be teleported back to the main level, but have a powerful weapon such as the plasma gun ready as the next area is dangerous.

As soon as you are teleported, kill the imps surrounding you as well as the cacodemons, arachnotrons and mancubi on the floor below then head south to a door with yellow key markings. Go through it and pass through two more doors to reach a pit surrounded by over 200 imps as well as some mancubi and arachnotrons - as you enter the room several ceilings will lower and crush anything underneath them, letting you clear the survivors using the BFG. After making the room safe, go to the south-west and south-east corners of the room to find two switches - press them then head to the north end of the room to find a silver door leading into a passage. Pass between two evil eyes and kill the chaingunners that are revealed ahead, then go round the corner and pass between two more evil eyes to open a niche ahead with two revenants and an arch-vile. Kill them and take the megasphere and energy cell packs they were guarding.

Ready the BFG and head round the next corner to face a cyberdemon guarding a door - kill it then open the door and step through quickly to reach the platform on the opposite side of the nukage river you saw earlier. A large chamber has opened behind you containing several monsters, including another cyberdemon and two arch-viles; an arch-vile has also appeared on the brick ledge next to you and should be your first priority. Once everything is dead, go round to the west side of the brick ledge to find a lift which will carry you up to the red keycard. Take the key then press the switch next to it, which will raise a bridge over the nukage. Cross the bridge then head north-east to find a door under a bloodfall which requires the red key and open it. Kill the waiting zombieman then ready the BFG and follow the blood passage round the corner to a megasphere and ammo - when you approach the megasphere the walls on either side will lower and reveal around 600 monsters, including a spiderdemon and two cyberdemons at the north end of the room. If necessary, head back through the red key door and use it to force the monsters to attack you from one direction. Many boxes of rockets and energy cell packs can be found in the room, along with 12 supercharges.

Once all the monsters are dead, collect any remaining items then step into the middle of the pentagram at the north end of the blood room to finish the level.

Other points of interest[edit]


  1. In the tech area at the west end of the map, find the section in the middle with armor bonuses and a candle, then use the wall to the south of the candle to find a partial invisibility. (sector 401)
  2. In the northern-most hall with the cacodemons, arachnotron and mancubi, get on the south side and go all the way east, then south into the alcove. Open the wall to get a supercharge. (sector 981)
  3. After raising the bridge in the east area of the level, cross it and go through the north door to find health bonuses leading to a supercharge protected by chaingunners and arch-viles. Use the terminal by the west wall to open a niche containing a baron and a radiation suit. (sector 1188)


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Map data[edit]

Things 2582
Vertices 9269*
Linedefs 9316
Sidedefs 15501
Sectors 1458
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 7939.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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