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MAP32: The Harlot's Garden is the second secret map of Sunder. It was designed by Insane_Gazebo and uses the music track "Aorta," originally composed by Tristan Clark for Panophobia.


Map of The Harlot's Garden
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


The super shotgun is to the left of the start. On the main road leading north are revenants and mancubi, and on the sides are Hell knights. There is a grotto just to the east of where you start with an arch-vile, a megasphere, and a barred-off switch. The gate to the south is closed, but four mancubi will show up here once you start attacking enemies. Three revenants are on a block further northwest, and there is a rocket launcher at the northeast end before the next gate. A cyberdemon is on a platform at the north end to the west of the rocket launcher, and the switch here removes the bars from the switch at the grotto. This switch allows you to continue past the next gate.

Once you enter through the gate, be prepared. Eight revenants will attack right away, while four mancubi while be behind you shortly. Three cyberdemons and four barons of Hell will be to the right, and cacodemons will teleport from a pentagram just behind them. Hell knights will also teleport in from the wood at the southeast. There is a soul sphere next to the hut, and a barred-off invulnerability to the northeast near the next gate. If you fight the monsters, you may want to backtrack to the previous yard, but if you attempt to pick up the BFG9000 in the middle of a tree trunk, the way back will be blocked. When the way is clear, go to where the Hell knights were teleporting and press the switch, which will lower the bars that block the invulnerability. Quickly grab it, as the wall behind it will reveal a cave with revenants, barons of Hell, and five arch-viles. The next switch is at the north end of this cave, and it will raise some steps outside near the gate.

Ready the BFG9000 for the next battle and climb the steps, jumping into the yard on the other side of the gate. Enemies will teleport into this yard from various locations. The two nearby teleporter pads will have revenants come out of them, the pond in the middle with the chaingun will have mancubi teleporting in, and the pentagram to the north of the pond will have cacodemons coming in. The green patch of ground at the east end will have barons of Hell teleporting in, and there is a barred-off area past the tree trunk behind that patch. Several of the tree trunks here will have revenants teleport onto them, and the large tree trunk will have a cyberdemon on it, which has the next switch to press. After pressing it, go towards the house north of the pond to find a megasphere and the next switch. You will then be able to reach the barred-off area to the east past the tree trunk. Remember this yard for later, as you will have to get past the gate to the north eventually.

Grab the megaarmor in the trunk and proceed east. This dark, tree-filled area will soon be populated by numerous monsters. Go midway through the forest and turn back to find four arch-viles and two cyberdemons. Use the trees for cover. On the right side of this forest you will find imps, demons, and revenants teleporting on a sun emblem. Get rid of all of them and use the switch here. Go back past the midpoint and you should find a tree where three arch-viles will run out. Enter this tree and use the switch, then return to the yard from before. The gate to the north will be open.

Before initiating the next battle, take the time to scour the area you will be getting to. The teleporter you see here will teleport enemies in soon once you hit the switch that will eventually be pressed. Northeast from there, follow the trail of armor bonuses, which leads to a fountain with energy cell packs and stimpacks. Keep following the armor bonuses east until it curves north, and to the south you will find boxes of rockets. Another teleporter is nearby which you should take note of. To the east is a building and some lumber, along with boxes of rockets and a barred-off switch. Head north now to reach the grand entrance of the large mansion, which you cannot enter yet as it requires the red key. Monsters will teleport here too. West of there will be a fountain with medikits around it, then hedges with ammo around them. In the middle is a megasphere and the switch you need to press. Ignore it for now, and if you head west, you will see the rest of the road. It is fenced off at the end, but take note of the energy cell packs here. Head north on the road for a set of steps with armor bonuses on them, plus an invulnerability on the middle platform. Make note of this for later. Take note of the supplies behind this platform, as well as the energy cell packs to the east of there. The round pedestal to the east will have the plasma gun, a megaarmor, boxes of rockets, an energy cell pack, a pentagram which monsters will come out from, and a locked-off gazebo with another invulnerability and a switch. You can access the northern ledges via the nearby steps. At the very top, there is a barred-off area you will reach later, and to the right you will find a megasphere inside a trunk. The green area below it is of note as well. To the west of the bars is a fountain with health bonuses and another path of armor bonuses. Energy cell packs are in front, and arch-viles are behind the hedge. The bigger fountain here has health bonuses and energy cell packs.

When you are ready, press the switch at the hedges. This switch will open up the cabana to the north. The switch inside the cabana gets rid of the bars around the switch near the house with lumber. This switch will open up the bars on the northern ledges. Keep in mind you have two invulnerabilities you can make use of. While you are running to these switches, monsters will teleport into the area as follows:

  • The teleporter near the entrance of this area will have five arch-viles coming out of it.
  • The area near the first fountain at the trail of armor bonuses will have Hell knights and barons of Hell teleporting in.
  • The teleporter to the east of those hedges will have five arch-viles coming from it.
  • The front entrance of the mansion will have Hell knights and barons of Hell teleporting in.
  • The road to the west will have demons teleporting in.
  • The pentagram to the southeast of the cabana will have cacodemons teleporting in.
  • There are three places on the northern ledges where mancubi will teleport in.
  • The grassy area south of the pentagram with the megasphere on it, as well as the grassy area southeast of the fountain at the north end will each have nine cyberdemons teleport in.

Manage through this entire battle and you will have defeated half of the map's enemies. Continue north. There are health bonuses in a moat ahead along with a hedge maze to the right. Head south, then east, onto the table with the saw. Climb the lumber to the ledge with the soul sphere and the switch. Use the switch to open the entrance of the hedge maze, then head back. Cacodemons will teleport into a depression, while arachnotrons will appear to the west and demons appear to the east, inside the hedge maze. Inside the maze, your first destination is the fountain, which you can access by going east, north, east, north, west, south all the way, west (keep going west for a soul sphere), north, west, and south. Two megasphere are here along with lots of ammo and a switch. Press the switch, then go to the northeast, north all the way, east, east at the first intersection, east all the way, north, west, north, and west to the next switch. Hit the next switch and prepare to fight your way to the next switch.

  • If you head south, east, and south from the switch, there will be two arch-viles
  • If you head west from there and look south you will spot two more arch-viles. A bit to the west will be two more arch-viles.
  • Near this area, you will find demons and revenants teleporting nearby.
  • If you head east and south from the switch, you will run into revenants, demons, and/or mancubi.
  • Mancubi will teleport into the northwest portion of the hedge maze.

From the switch, if you head south, east all the way, south, west, south, and east, you will find the spot where Hell knights will teleport. Head north, east, and south to reach the next switch. Approaching it will cause four arch-viles to spawn at the northwest part of the maze, resurrecting enemies. You will also have two arch-viles directly behind you, two more on the east side, and another two near the north end. The next switch is at the northwest end. This switch will release two cyberdemons at the northwest end, two more cyberdemons at the east end, and up to nine arch-viles near the south ends. When you can, head to the eastern part of the maze and head south, pressing the switch along the way, and you will finally be able to leave the hedge maze.

Head all the way south into the building and take the south exit. Grab the supplies to the side and continue south. Going halfway through this marble trench will cause an arch-vile and four cyberdemons to show up at the south end, while hordes of demons and revenants will come from behind. Go west at the corner to find dirt trenches and several pickups on the high grounds. Crossing halfway through it will cause revenants to spawn to the west and cacodemons to spawn back east. Hit the switch on the west side and grab the red key. Go back to the east side of the trenches and get rid of the arch-viles who are likely resurrecting cacodemons. Press the switch in the small grove, then head back to where the red key was and use the steps to jump over the gate.

You will now be able to head inside the mansion, so go to the front entrance and use the switch to open the door. Inside you will be greeted by three cyberdemons. Attempting to climb the steps results in ten arachnotrons joining the fray on ground floor. At the top, you will see mancubi on a large dining table in the room across from you, along with a megasphere. The hall to the south has six arch-viles in it, and four more are off to the left. There are two bedrooms here, the right one is full of imps and the second one contains chaingunners and revenants. Hit the switch in this bedroom and go back east, getting rid of chaingunners who teleport in. Head east into the next room.

This is the library. Note the large pit in the middle of the library; you can cross over using the pieces of wood, but you cannot escape if you fall in. Head up the steps and notice the barred-off area to the west. Then turn east and go through the break in the railing. You should be on the opposite shelf. Head down and west to the switch, which removes the bars from before. While you are doing this, cacodemons will emerge from the pit, and Hell knights will come in near the next switch. After you use this switch, go back through the break in the railing, but drop to ground floor and prepare to deal with the ten arch-viles that come running your way. Past them, you can then collect the yellow key.

Return to the top floor of the mansion entrance and go north, using the yellow key to open the bars. The next hall will have three arch-viles, and two open rooms on both sides. The first left has six barons of Hell in it, and the room connected to it leads to a patio to the west with some ammo. The second left, which is also accessible from this room has a pain elemental in what seems to be two outhouses, with one containing an invulnerability and the other containing a megasphere. Grab the invulnerability and proceed through the first right, into the white room. The blue key is to the east, guarded by twelve arch-viles, with nine revenants showing up in the water bowls nearby.

Now that you have the blue key, head into the room to the north and use the blue key switch to proceed further. Head north towards the picture and the switch, making note of the barred-off area nearby. Go east into the hall and head south to the next area, which should be open. In this kitchen area, there are six chaingunners and the next switch. After using it, go back to the barred-off area which is now accessible and use the switch on the pedestal outside. Now go back to the hall and enter the closest room, using the switch here to take a lift up. This area is a balcony overlooking a room with a grand piano on it. An arch-vile is on this piano. Press the switch at the end of the balcony and you will be able to fall into the room itself, with the south exit leading back to the hallway, from which four cyberdemons will come into the room. Go up the steps to the opposite balcony to find Hell knights and barons of Hell. Flip the switch out here and go back to the hallway. Go all the way to the end and the door to the east will be open. Pick up the megasphere and use the switch, then descend the steps. Go all the way to the east and fall into the final room.

This room will be incredibly tricky to conquer as monsters will appear from all sides once you press the switch in the middle. Make note of the stimpacks in this room, they are on platforms over blood pits. With this many blood pits, maneuvering around this room will be a true challenge. There are two megaspheres on the left and right sides of the room. When you are ready, press the switch. The monsters will appear as follows:

  • In the northwest corner, you will find mancubi from the west wall and cacodemons on the north wall.
  • Barons of Hell will come in from the northern wall. A switch in here will open up another switch at the south wall.
  • In the northeast corner, you will find revenants and four arch-viles from the northern wall and revenants, barons of Hell, and six cyberdemons from the eastern wall. A switch is back here which opens up another switch at the north wall.
  • In the southwest corner, both walls will contain cacodemons.
  • In the middle of the south wall, sixteen pain elementals will emerge.
  • Finally, in the southeast corner, the east wall will contain lots of Hell knights and the south wall will have twenty-four lost souls come out.

Of course, make sure to watch your step when battling and use monster infighting as much as possible in order to survive. You may want to target the flying monsters in particular. When all is quiet, press the two switches mentioned above, and the two switches they open (on the north wall near where the cacodemons come out, and on the south wall where the pain elementals come out), and you will open the exit door as well as raise the pillars leading to the exit.

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Map data[edit]

Things 5022
Vertices 56668*
Linedefs 64644
Sidedefs 54195
Sectors 10241
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 56668.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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