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MAP33: Town is a level in Strife. It uses the music track "Tavern". It is an earlier version of MAP02: Town which was originally featured in the demo version of the game. In the original commercial release of Strife, this level cannot be successfully completed due to missing resources. In the 2014 re-release of Strife: Veteran Edition, it is completable and can be selected as an episode from the main menu when beginning a game.


Map of Town
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets.


Harris' offer

You begin in a waste disposal room, facing an acolyte (or two on Veteran skill level or higher). Kill them with the punch dagger and take the passcards they drop, take the items in this room and open the door at the west end (another acolyte will be behind it on Elite or Bloodbath), then turn right and go through the door on your left to find Harris. He will ask you to collect the offering chalice from the town's sanctuary and bring it to him at the tavern.

Leave the room and turn left, then left again to leave the sewage plant. Turn left and go down two sets of steps, then turn right at the bottom to see a sign for the sanctuary in front of you. Go through the door next to the sign, then head into the passage on your right to enter the sanctuary.

Meeting BlackBird

After returning from the sanctuary with the chalice, go through the door on your left and head forward to the curved staircase. Climb up it then turn right to see a sign for the tavern. Go through the door next to the sign, then head through the tavern and climb the stairs. As you do so, the alarm will sound and the enemies in the tavern will turn hostile. Kill them with any weapon, then go through the door at the top of the stairs to find Harris.

Instead of talking to Harris, kill him and a button will be revealed. Press this button to lower a staircase and follow it down to a small room containing, among other items, a blue ID badge and a communicator. This will put you in contact with BlackBird, who tells you to drop the chalice and leave the tavern; do so. Outside the tavern, BlackBird will instruct you to find a flamethrower in the governor's mansion. Drop off the ledge and turn left to see the mansion ahead, guarded by red acolytes. Approach it and go through the door flanked by torches. Inside, turn left and go through the door guarded by another acolyte, then follow the tunnel to a room containing the weapon you need as well as other items. As you enter, the alarm will sound.

Collect everything here and leave the room; BlackBird will tell you to watch out for large robots called crusaders. Use your new weapon to incinerate the acolytes in the mansion, then head outside. One to three crusaders will have teleported into town depending on skill level; activate the environmental suit you picked up, then get close to the crusaders and destroy them with the flamethrower (the suit will protect you from the crusaders' own flamethrowers). Once the robots are destroyed, activate the shadow armor as a large number of acolytes will be teleporting into town.

From the governor's mansion, head north and cross the bridge spanning the river. Turn right and head through the tunnel between the shops, then turn left as soon as you get outside. Go through the open door in front of you and step into the teleporter here to reach the Movement's base.



There are no official secrets on this map.


  • When you are about to enter the door to the governor's office, press the wall section between the two adjacent torches. It opens revealing a passage with some items at the end. There is a box of ammo and, in addition, gold coins depending on the skill level: 25 on Training or Rookie, 75 on Veteran, and 100 on Elite or Bloodbath.
  • When you stand between the premises of the weapons and armor shops, walk to the north until you are under the open sky. Turn right. A little way off, in contact with the building, there is a wall on which you can jump. It secures an entrance to the backrooms of the armor vendor. Without notable consequences, you can go in and snatch the medical supplies, leather armor and 50 gold coins. Break a window to leave the house.


Major differences from the final version of the town include:

  • Harris appears in the place of Rowan, and accepting his mission to steal the chalice is not optional. After talking to Harris at his first location, he "moves" to the tavern. In actuality, there are two Harris actors, and the door in the sewage plant simply closes to prevent talking to the first one again.
  • Completing Harris's quest leads to a similar fate of being locked in Governor Mourel's office with a flood of acolytes. Killing Harris instead still reveals his stash in the tavern, but different items are contained, including a com unit which puts the player in contact with BlackBird.
  • All locked doors expect different keys, and many doors and switches are locked that are not in the final version, due to different progression.
  • The torture chamber in the governor's mansion contains a flamethrower weapon which is deathmatch-only in the final version of the map, and is protected by an alarm sensor. Entering this area causes a group of crusaders to be released, which must all be killed to open the door behind the weapons shop.
  • A small warehouse full of crates is in place of Irale's shop, and contains a teleporter to the Movement base.
  • Exits do not exist to any maps that are not in the demo version of the game. Lines are present which instead state "This area is only available in the retail version of Strife." The areas that would be behind those exits have not yet been built out.
  • The town hall has not been bombed; its doors and windows are intact. While it can be accessed near the end of the map, there is no completed passageway to the Movement base.


Two door tracks in the power station exit area have door actions assigned which can crash the game if pressed. This area is normally only accessible by using the no clipping cheat code.

Due to missing log and voice resources, this map cannot be completed in the original retail version of the game. The game will bomb out with a W_GetNumForName error message during the initial dialogue with Harris.

Voice and log numbers on comm unit linedefs were not updated and conflict with voices and logs used by the registered version's levels, leading to nonsensical statements by BlackBird.

A water bottle (Thing 47) has no flags set for any of the three difficulty classes, so it does not actually appear in the level.

Areas / screenshots[edit]


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains twelve spawn points:

  1. facing west. (thing 80)
  2. facing west. (thing 115)
  3. facing north. (thing 208)
  4. facing east. (thing 209)
  5. facing south. (thing 494)
  6. facing south. (thing 495)
  7. facing south. (thing 496)
  8. facing west. (thing 497)
  9. facing north. (thing 498)
  10. facing north. (thing 502)
  11. facing east. (thing 503)
  12. facing north. (thing 506)


Map data[edit]

Things 526
Vertices 2837*
Linedefs 2971
Sidedefs 4083
Sectors 529
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 2387.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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