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Dead Simple

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Level 37: Dead Simple is the thirty-seventh level of PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions of Doom and is the seventh level of Doom II episode. It is based on the original MAP07: Dead Simple with modifications made to adapt consoles' limitations. The author of the original map is American McGee.

It features mancubi and arachnotrons as bosses.


Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Beginning in a very narrow room, first collect backpack (which will give you lots of ammo) and super shotgun. And then, flip the switch to lower walls. Destroy all the mancubi in the first area (note: there are four invisibility spheres scattered around, which will help to avoid attacks, and four switches, flipping of which will lower platforms with mancubi containing useful items, such as megasphere, and weapons, such as chaingun, rocket launcher and plasma rifle).

As soon as the mancubi are dead, the other walls will open revealing the outer area and arachnotrons. That area is also full of ammo scattered around the whole area. Eliminate the arachnotrons, and the four skull buttons in the center of the map will be rendered available. Ascend the stairs and press one of them to finish.

Other points of interest[edit]


  1. The future staircase, that will be risen when you kill all the enemies on the level, is counted as secret when you step on it. However, on Deathmatch game session it is possible to not activate it unless players do not step on it but rather will use the alternative exit.


Comparison of versions[edit]

The Sony PlayStation version only features some cosmetic differences to the map retaining the geometry of the level the same:

  • The flat enclosing the four exit switches uses another grass variation (GRASS02).
  • The variations of switches are different on the level: the starting chamber has a red-green switch (instead of gargoyle switch), the four switches to lower the platforms with the mancubi and items became skull switches (instead of red-green switches) and the four exit buttons in the center are now skull switches too (instead of eyes).

The Sega Saturn version is the same with only a different music track and the colored lighting given out.

Areas / screenshots[edit]

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The map uses the following music tracks:

Port Track Composer Notes
Sony PlayStation "Creeping Brutality" Aubrey Hodges See PlayStation Doom music.
Sega Saturn "Hell's Churn" Aubrey Hodges See Saturn Doom music.

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