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MAP42: Gluttonous Gorehouse is the forty-second map of Doom: The Golden Souls 2. It was designed by Andrea Gori (Batandy) and uses the music track "Tourian" from Super Metroid.


Map of Gluttonous Gorehouse
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


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Big Coins[edit]

  1. Take the door west of the starting point, then two more doors. You will be in a room with poisonous water and a vertical column of goo you can swim up. Go behind the column where the goo is and swim in the poisonous water there to get a Big Coin. (thing 108)
  2. After using the switch at the northeast end of the map, return to the underwater portion with two doors, take the left one, and swim down to the southeast to get a Big Coin. (thing 471)
  3. As you are jumping at the northwest end, when you get to the bridge over the poisonous water, jump northwest through the waterfall to get a Big Coin. (thing 583)

Golden Spiders[edit]

  1. Take the door west of the starting point to find a Golden Spider on the south wall. To get it, get on the higher platform and jump to the goo on the ceiling and swim there. (thing 26)
  2. Swim up the vertical column of goo where Big Coin #1 is and take the door to the west at the top. To the north is a Golden Spider. (thing 122)
  3. In the area south of the starting point with one of the switches to remove the barriers northeast of the start, go to the switch and crouch to the east to get inside the column. A Golden Spider is up here. (thing 181)
  4. In the large cave at the north end, swim up the column of goo and swim southwest, but look east at the column as you swim southwest to find a Golden Spider near the ceiling. (thing 236)
  5. In the underwater portion on the east side, when you get to two doors, take the left door, then go until you reach a jellyfish field. A Golden Spider is on the floor in this field. (thing 336)
  6. In the large cave at the northeast end, there is a Golden Spider near the entrance if you look up and a bit to the left. (thing 481)
  7. Take the two doors north of the starting point and go through the rooms. After swimming through the goo south of the big room, return to the big room from the higher ground and you will notice a Golden Spider to the east. (thing 482)
  8. Open the door west of the second checkpoint. In the square hall, head to the north end and open the south door to find this Golden Spider. (thing 485)
  9. Open the door west of the second checkpoint. In the square hall, head to the north end and open the north door, then jump up to the northeast wall and open it to find a Golden Spider. (thing 547)
  10. Just before the exit, head east of it and down to get a Golden Spider. (thing 620)


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Map data[edit]

Things 627
Vertices 4160
Linedefs 4718
Sidedefs 7951
Sectors 686


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

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