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The Factory

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MAP42: The Factory is the forty-second level of the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn versions of Doom, and the twelfth level of the Doom II episode. It is based on the original MAP12: The Factory, with modifications made to adapt the map to the consoles' limitations. The author of the original map is Sandy Petersen.

Completing this level will take the player directly to MAP43: The Inmost Dens, as the Downtown level is not present in the console games.


Map of The Factory
Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector, thing, and linedef numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Head towards the red brick building in front of you and use the metal lift to gain entry. As you proceed through the building, platforms along the walls will rise and release imps, so be cautious. Go through the wooden door at the end of the building to find a brown brick building in front of you. Turn right and follow the building round to its west side, where you will find a door leading inside the building. Head forward and turn right at the junction, passing a blue door and then a mancubus on your way to the wall. From here, turn right and head down the corridor to the blue keycard which is guarded by an arachnotron. Now turn around and head forward until you reach the opposite wall of the building. You will find a small building here - open the door and take the yellow keycard inside, which is guarded by lost souls.

Return to the blue door you passed earlier and go through it. Behind the door is an armor pickup - approach it and the floor will drop away, putting you in a room with shotgun guys. Kill them if you wish and step into the teleporter here to get back outside. Drop off the ledge you arrive on and turn left to see a large square building, with an entrance flanked by green firesticks. Go to this entrance and open the door, then head through the next room to a yellow door, grabbing the berserk pack on the way. Behind the yellow door is a large room surrounded by many moving platforms, some or all of which contain cacodemons. Five of these platforms lead to switches that need to be pressed to open the exit - clockwise from south-east, they are the first, fourth, fifth, seventh and ninth platforms.

Once all the switches are pressed, head into the small doorway in the north-east corner of the room and follow the passage to the exit teleporter.

Other points of interest[edit]

As the level starts, there is an octagonal brown building on your right. This building contains a number of shotgun guys and steps leading upwards. Climb to the top to find armor and a partial invisibility powerup, plus a plasma gun in multiplayer.

From the center of the main building, you can get several useful items.

  • Head through the door to the north-east to enter a room with many square platforms. Make your way to the east side of the room, and the wall ahead will lower to reveal a mancubus guarding a super shotgun. Press the switch behind the mancubus to open the door so you can leave the room.
  • Head north and follow the corridor to a berserk pack watched by a number of lost souls. You will also land here after leaving secret #4.
  • Go through the south-western blue door to find a passageway containing armor. The floor drops away when you step on it, but if you run through the passage quickly you will reach an energy cell pack at the other end (this can only be attempted once). The room you drop into also has a backpack hidden in its north-east corner.


  1. Enter the southern-most building and go up the stairs to the teleporter, but do not go through yet. Instead, turn around and run onto the crate with the berserk pack on top. From here, run onto the platform with the switch, press it, and walk onto the lift that lowers. Ride it back up, and you will be able to reach the high set of crates where the chaingun rests. (sector 46)
  2. Now use the teleporter mentioned in secret #1. You will arrive in a narrow alcove inside the main building, surrounded by one or three imps. Press the switch on the east wall and the floor will rise, allowing you to reach a soulsphere. (sector 69) On I am a Wimp or Not Too Rough skill levels, the soulsphere is placed inside the alcove so you will land on it when you teleport.
  3. From the center of the main building, go through the south-eastern blue door and follow the ceiling lights across the sludge pool. When you reach the opposite platform, press the switch here to open an area north-west of the central pillar in the main building. This area contains several imps guarding a BFG9000. (sector 72)
  4. From the center of the main building, go through the south-western blue door and take the teleporter at the bottom of the next room to get outside. Instead of jumping down from the ledge you arrive on, turn around and drop into the hole to find three boxes of bullets. (sector 127)


Comparison of versions[edit]

A number of changes were made to this level compared to the PC version.

Room design[edit]

  • All switches use a skull switch on metal wall texture.
  • The steps in the brown building west of the start point are closer together, so they can still be climbed despite the players' increased radius. The blood pool here is changed to sludge.
  • The walkover lines in the red building south of the start, which release imps when triggered, are arranged so that the traps are triggered sooner than on PC.
  • The staircase in the southern-most building has fewer steps. A crate east of the lift leading to secret #1 is removed to make it easier to access.
  • In the PC version of this level, there is a switch behind the teleporter in the south-western room in the main factory building which requires a blue key to enter. The switch raises the floor inside the building's central structure, allowing you to kill the imps inside without having to visit secret #2 and being attacked by them on all sides. This switch is not present in the console version; however, it is possible to activate the switch inside the structure by pressing on the east side of the structure's outer wall.
  • In the PC version of this level, it is not possible to go back through the yellow door after it shuts behind you in single-player, as the back side of the door requires a red key which is not present in the level. The console ports change this door to require a yellow key on both sides, making it possible to backtrack.
  • The room with the exit teleporter uses different textures. The teleport pad is red instead of white, and the walls do not have exit signs on them.

Monster placement[edit]

  • The chaingunner guarding the yellow keycard is replaced with lost souls - two on I am a Wimp or Not Too Rough skill levels and three on Hurt Me Plenty or Ultra Violence.
  • The chaingunners protecting the BFG9000 in secret #3 are replaced with imps.
  • The baron of Hell found in the southern-most building on Ultra Violence is replaced with a cacodemon.
  • The spiderdemon found at the south edge of the level in multiplayer is absent.
  • One imp is removed from secret #2, allowing the player to reach the switch that raises the floor immediately.

Areas / screenshots[edit]

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PlayStation screenshots[edit]

Saturn screenshots[edit]


The map uses the following music tracks:

Port Track Composer Notes
Sony PlayStation "In The Grip Of Madness" Aubrey Hodges See PlayStation Doom music.
Sega Saturn "A Calm Panic Rises" Aubrey Hodges See Saturn Doom music.


Player spawns[edit]

This level contains six spawn points:

  1. facing south-west. (thing 166)
  2. facing north-west. (thing 167)
  3. facing north-east. (thing 168)
  4. facing south-east. (thing 169)
  5. facing south-east. (thing 170)
  6. facing north-west. (thing 171)


Map data[edit]

Things 187
Vertices 876*
Linedefs 799
Sidedefs 1132
Sectors 163
* The vertex count without the effect of node building is 637.


This level contains the following numbers of things per skill level:

Technical information[edit]

Inspiration and development[edit]



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