MAYhem 2019


MAYhem 2019
Title screen
Authors Various
Port MBF-compatible
Year 2019
Link Doomworld/idgames

MAYhem 2019: Blood for the Doom God! is a 19-level megawad for MBF-compatible source ports, created in May 2019 by members of the Doomworld forums. It is the eighth installment of the MAYhem series, and was led by James Caldwell (Obsidian).

The megawad includes textures from Blood and Clive Barker's Undying, and as such, most maps carry a darker, horror-esque atmosphere. Additionally, the WAD features very extensive DeHackEd work, adding custom weapons, items and a wide range of custom monsters as well as new sprites for some of the original monsters. The project was uploaded to the idgames archive on 5 February, 2020.


Modifications to original monsters[edit]

The zombieman is missing its head, however the change is only cosmetic and the monster remains identical in every other respect.
The imp is now bright red and attacks with the more powerful projectile of the Hell knight/baron of Hell, though in this case the damage range is 7-56. Its other characteristics are unchanged.
The mancubus has a completely new set of sprites, but the changes are only cosmetic.
Pain elemental
The pain elemental appears with a greenish tint. Instead of summoning lost souls, it now attacks directly with a pair of mancubus fireballs. It also has had its health greatly reduced to just 150 hit points.

Modifications to original weapons[edit]

Pistol and chaingun
These weapons have had their rate of fire increased. The ammo capacity has also been increased, from 200 bullets to 300 (600 with the backpack).
Rocket launcher
The rocket launcher now fires a bright orange projectile, however this is only a cosmetic change.

Custom weapons[edit]

The flamethrower replaces the plasma gun in slot 6. It has a high rate of fire and damage, but as expected for a flamethrower, the fire projectiles have a limited range. The flamethrower's ammo can be found in the form of fuel and fuel canisters, which replace the energy cell and energy cell pack respectively. The player can carry up to 150 fuel cells at once, or 300 if the backpack has been acquired.
This evil spellbook replaces the BFG9000 in slot 7. Functionally it can be described as an extremely powerful rocket launcher, the projectile deals very high damage with a blast radius. However, the weapon uses the player's own health as ammo. Each time the projectile is fired, a random multiple of 4 between 4 and 40 is drained from the player's health. This damage can be reduced with armor.

Custom items[edit]

Berserk sphere
The berserk pack has been modified to appear as a black soulsphere with red eyes. This change is only cosmetic.
Roulette sphere
This power-up replaces the light amplification visor. It rapidly cycles through the appearance of the soulsphere, megasphere, invulnerability sphere, partial invisibility, and the berserk sphere, and will give the player whichever power-up the cycle was on at the time of pickup. It occurs only in MAP16.

Custom monsters[edit]

Pistol cultist
This cultist replaces the chaingunner, and can be distinguished from the shotgun cultist by its darker robes and smaller size. It is armed with a semi-automatic pistol, but drops the chaingun on death. It has 70 health, the same as the monster it replaces. A variant of this monster replaces the Wolfenstein SS. This variant only has 50 health, and drops a clip on death instead, but is otherwise identical.
Shotgun cultist
This hooded figure replaces the shotgun guy, and is functionally similar, it is armed with a shotgun, but has 50 health points, more than its original counterpart, and also moves slightly faster.
Distinguishable by its red robes, the vampire replaces the revenant. Its main method of attack is to summon three flaming bats at a time, which home in on the player and deal 5-40 damage each. At close range, it will swipe at the player, which will always deal 50 damage if not dodged.
Although similar to the revenant in appearance and using the same sounds, this skeletal monster replaces the demon. It can move at a high speed and attacks by throwing the funny bone, a high-speed projectile that deals 3-24 damage, replacing the imp fireball. The skellie has 120 health.
Shadow imp
This monster replaces the spectre, but applies the spectral behaviour to the imp instead of the skellie. The modifications to the imp's attack are retained by the shadow imp.
This flying monster resembles an arachnotron without its mechanical chassis, and replaces the Hell knight. It has 80 health, and attacks with slow but continuous plasma fire.
Also known as the arachnorb queen, this monster replaces the baron of Hell, and essentially takes the concept of the arachnorb and applies it to the spider mastermind. It has 1500 health, and attacks with a continuous stream of plasma, at a much higher rate of fire compared to the arachnorb.
Lightning ball
This replaces the lost soul. Its behaviour is similar to the lost soul, however upon impact, it will explode, dealing approximately 100 damage and destroying itself in the process. Killing the lightning ball normally will also trigger this explosion. They are not included in the monster count, even in ZDoom-based ports. It has 40 health.
This giant cultist replaces the spider mastermind. It has 5000 health and has a range of different attacks. It can fire a volley of three rockets in quick succession, summon a group of five flaming bats, or summon a lightning ball. When this monster is killed, the level ends.
These floating cubes are stationary sentry turrets that replace the arachnotron, retaining its plasma attack. They have 520 health and explode on death, dealing damage to anything nearby.
This giant demon, using the sprites of the Hexen maulotaur, replaces the cyberdemon. It has 3200 health, and can attack with either a single rocket, or with two groups of mancubus fireballs.
This monster replaces one of the hanging body decorations (DeHackEd number 132). It is essentially an aggressive pinky demon, moving at a high speed towards the player, and once in melee range will begin to rapidly bite them. It has 140 health.
The shadowhound replaces Commander Keen, and applies the partial invisibility of the spectre to the hellhound.
This brown, horned demon replaces the stalagmite decoration (DeHackEd number 98). It has 320 health, but can only attack in melee range, where it will swipe at the player, dealing 40 damage.
The bat replaces the unused dead lost soul decoration. It serves as a nuisance; small, very fast, and hard to see in dark areas, however it can only attack with melee, which deals just 2 damage, and has only 10 health, meaning a single pistol shot is capable of killing one.
This monster replaces one of the hanging body decorations (DeHackEd number 130). It runs towards the player, throwing orange projectiles that deal 5-40 damage. The mummy has 440 health.
This monster replaces one of the hanging torso decorations (DeHackEd number 131). It appears as a spectral version of the Disciple of D'Sparil. Ghosts have 150 health, and attacks twice at a time. This attack deals just 3-24 damage, but cannot be avoided unless the player is able to move out of the ghost's sight, or trigger its pain state, or kill it.
Tesla coil
These immobile turrets replace one of the hanging body decorations (DeHacked number 133). Tesla coils have 150 health and attack infrequently, summoning a lightning ball that immediately charges the player, making tesla coils very dangerous at close range as the lightning ball will explode upon impact as normal. Not all tesla coils attack, an inactive variant replaces a different hanging body decoration (DeHacked number 103). This variant can still be destroyed. Tesla coils are not included in the monster count.
Deep One
This monstrosity replaces one of the hanging body decorations (DeHacked number 134). It is easily identifiable from its bright green, baron of Hell-meets-Cthulhu appearance. It functions as a buffed baron of Hell, launching a volley of four baron fireballs in quick succession. It has 800 health.
Chainsaw maniac
This chainsaw-wielding zombieman-like enemy dons the mask of Jason Voorhees. It moves at a very fast speed towards the player. If it gets close enough, its chainsaw will repeatedly deal 10 damage at a very fast rate, quickly draining the player's health. The chainsaw maniac has 140 health, and replaces the helper dog.
This monster replaces the unholy bible (DeHackEd number 144). When this monster attacks, it will continuously deal damage to the player for as long as they are in its line of sight or its pain state is triggered, or it is killed. They have 500 health.

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