Magnus Norddahl (dpJudas)


Magnus Norddahl, more commonly known as dpJudas, is a programmer, primarily active within the various ZDoom codebases and its community. He is primarily responsible for the more bleeding edge additions in GZDoom.


In regards to Doom history, he has been responsible for the creation or contribution of the following source ports:

Detailed list of contributions[edit]

Note: QZDoom additions not listed, as not everything ended up in GZDoom. What did end up follows below.


  • The postprocessing framework for GZDoom (SSAO, bloom, blur, custom post process shaders, etc.)
  • Vulkan renderer backend
  • HDR monitor support
  • ZScript JIT bytecode compiler
  • Proper windowed mode support (i.e. you can freely resize the game window)
  • Softpoly software renderer
  • Correct ZDoom software light mode for the hardware renderer
  • High resolution correct version of the software fuzz, for both software and hardware renderers
  • Improved dynamic light math, shadowmaps and spotlights
  • Materials (Classic, normal and specular maps and PBR textures), but not environment maps


  • True color support for the software renderer
  • 3D model support in the software renderer
  • Dynamic lights in the software renderer

Other contributions[edit]

Aside working on the ZDoom codebases, Norddahl's other contributions include a fork of the Doom Builder 2 level editor called GZDoomBuilderGL and an experimental light baking utility called ZDRay, using lightmapper code from the Strife: Veteran Edition codebase, along with porting the Ultimate Doom Builder fork of the Doom Builder 2 level editor from Direct3D9 to OpenGL, maintaining a separate port of the game Descent called QZDescent and contributing to the EDGE source port.

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