Codebase ZDoom
Developer(s) Tain
Initial release 1.10 (2011-01-01, 12 years ago)
Latest release 2.00 (2013-07-15, 10 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C++
Target Platform Windows
License Doom Source License, 3-point BSD, others
ManDoom, short for Manly-Ass Doom, was a source port made by Tain. It is a slightly modified build of ZDoom disallowing the save and load functionality in the engine, establishing Permadeath. ManDoom also provides support for randomly generated maps each session, courtesy of the OBLIGE level generator.

Because of its feature set, ManDoom has seen limited use in TAS speedrunning demos.


Tain created ManDoom out of literal boredom on January 1, 2011 as version 1.10. Iteration speed was significant: The first few versions were mainly bug fixes, but version 1.14 from January 8 introduced new variants of the difficulty level: Hurt Me Plenty with respawning monsters, Ultra-Violence with respawning monsters, Berserker, which has no ammo pick ups and very little weaponry but many more Berserk power ups and Stupid, noted for its extreme difficulty.

Version 1.15 from January 9, 2011 was another significant release: It added support for random level generation through OBLIGE. In order to use this a batch file was provided, but one could also use "-random" as a command line argument. 1.16 from January 13 iterated on this new feature by adding menu options to randomize the maps made by OBLIGE and to revert to the original maps from the IWAD or PWAD if these were loaded alongside ManDoom.

Jumping was disabled in version 1.17 which was released on January 14, 2011, marking the end of the fast iteration cycle. This version was based on ZDoom 2.5.0 (r2508) and is the build used in several TAS demos, primarly by Sebastian Graham (General Rainbow Bacon). Graham also provided a level specifically made for ManDoom's Stupid difficulty level in a Doomworld thread titled: "Mandoom Challenge maps"[1]. After 1.17 was released, ManDoom lay dormant for over two and a half years.


After 30 months of inactivity, ManDoom saw a final release with version 2.00, released July 15, 2013. This version updated the codebase to ZDoom 2.7.1, introducing new menus and including several miscellaneous changes.

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  1. Doomworld forums thread

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