Mana is the magical energy that serves as ammunition in Hexen. It comes in two forms, blue mana and green mana. The first weapon of each class consumes no mana, the second uses blue mana, the third is powered by green mana, and the fourth requires both varieties. In addition to containers of blue and green mana, there is a combined mana container that provides both types in one package. Thirdly, an artifact called Krater of Might fills both mana types to the maximum once used. The player can store up to 200 mana of each type regardless of class.

The weapons of Hexen consume the following amounts of mana per shot.

A collection of mana has been found in the Shadow Wood. A combined mana container can be seen in the middle. The Krater of Might is displayed in the player's inventory slot.
Blue mana Green mana
Spiked gauntlets 0 0
Timon's Axe 2† 0
Hammer of Retribution 0 3†
Quietus 14 14
Mace of Contrition 0 0
Serpent staff 1 0
Firestorm 0 4
Wraithverge 18 18
Sapphire wand 0 0
Frost shards 3 0
Arc of Death 0 5
Bloodscourge 15 15

† The weapon can be used without mana but with lessened melee damage potential, and, in the case of the Hammer of Retribution, no projectile.