Mancubus (Doom 2016)


This article is about the monster in Doom (2016). For other games, see:
A mancubus.

The mancubus makes another return in the 2016 reboot of Doom, retaining most of the characteristics of its classic and Doom 3 forebears while introducing new characteristics which combine to make it one of the game's most serious threats. Still capable of firing powerful blasts from twin arm cannons, this incarnation of the monster is also equipped with a long-range flamethrower that can deal constant damage. Uniquely, it is also highly mobile - while still a relatively slow walker, it can jump up and down ledges to give chase. It also possesses a powerful ground pound attack which it will rely on if the player comes into melee range, causing significant damage over a broad area. Differences in appearance from its predecessors include a cyclopean head build with a single prominent green eye, and an ovoid, vertically oriented mouth which is lined with sharp teeth.

An even more powerful and well-defended version of the monster also exists in the form of the cyber-mancubus, which has been enhanced using UAC technology.


Attack Too Young To Die Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence Nightmare
Melee Quake (AOE) ~13 ~25 ~45 ~75
Plasma Barrage 12.5 25 43.5 74.5

Glory kills[edit]

Two glory kills are currently known to exist against the mancubus:

  • The creature's exposed heart may be ripped out and stuffed down its throat. It will stagger around for a short period before collapsing and bursting open in an animation reminiscent of the original's death.
  • A tube leading between the monster's arm cannon and the fuel pack on its back can be ripped out of its gasket, allowing fuel to escape and cause the beast to be engulfed in flames.


The mancubus is said to have a foul, nauseating odor due to its diet of rancid flesh which continues to decompose inside the creature's body. Its innards are volatile, flammable, and highly toxic. At maturity, the monster's hands become covered with a chitinous growth and the tissue inside the barrel-like protrusion rots. The noxious fluids can then be spewed from the arm cannons under pressure, causing ignition, giving the demon biological flamethrowers. Mancubi are given light armor at maturity as well, but they always outgrow it due to their ravenous appetites.