Mancubus (Doom Eternal)


A mancubus attacks with its flamethrowers.
Concept art. The Doom II sprite is visible at upper right, placed by id Software for reference.
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The mancubus returns in Doom Eternal with a new design based on its appearance in Doom II. It now has two smaller, greenish eyes, and a yellow exposed heart-like organ in its chest. It's controllable by players in Battlemode, and also appears in the game's Horde Mode expansion.

A cybernetics-enhanced version of the mancubus again occurs as the cyber-mancubus.

Tactical analysis[edit]

The mancubus largely maintains the same attack behaviors as the version in the previous game, including the ability to use dual flamethrowers at short range in addition to its usual fireball launchers. Its close range area-of-effect attack has been changed to leave an area of damaging energy on the ground in order to ward players from staying close to it, and does significantly more damage.

Due to the destructible demons system, the mancubus' arm cannons can be damaged, making the attacks from the aforementioned cannons significantly weaker and disabling the flamethrower function entirely.

It is best to perform a glory kill on the mancubus' chest as this will cause the mancubus to explode and damage and falter large demons or even kill smaller demons within the vicinity.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Doom Slayer is able to spear the glowing heart-like organ in the monster's chest using his arm-mounted blade, and then stuffs it into the mancubus's mouth. The monster then explodes shortly after.
  • The Doom Slayer clings from the side while grappling onto the monster's tusk before sticking his blade into its skull.
  • The Doom Slayer grabs onto the mancubus then shoves his blade into the roof of its mouth.
  • The Doom Slayer lands on top of the mancubus, the Doomblade impaling it through its head.


Unlike the mancubi seen during the Mars invasion, which had naturally-occurring arm cannons, the mancubi invading Earth show obvious signs of man-made augmentation. The armor plating that has replaced their original carapaces and enhanced flame cannons suggest that the UAC cultists, directly controlled by Hell, seek to improve their already potent fighting skill.


The mancubus is one of the six controllable demons in Battlemode. It is resilient and deals considerable damage with its flamethrowers and fireball cannons, but is sluggish and a large target. It can also deploy a smoke bomb that hinders vision and allows it to either escape from a dangerous situation or set up an ambush. Prior to Update 2.1, the mancubus could not attack after its second jump until it returned to the ground; it can now attack at any time.


  • The reason for the mancubus in Doom Eternal resembling their original 2D sprite, rather than the variant from Doom (2016), is possibly because these are the adult version. The mancubi encountered on Mars were likely the larval stage of this demon. This could explain why their armor is carapace-like, along with the size-difference between both games (the 2016 version appears shorter in height).[citation needed]