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Marc Pullen (alias Fanatic) is an American WAD author and musician best known as the creator of QDOOM. His first significant release was New Breed in 1997, a DeHackEd weapons mod with new levels. After working on a New Breed expansion prototype with Kenneth Scott, he joined Banjo Software to complete commercial total conversion Hacx.[1] He went onto creating personal projects ROKS, Breed DM, and RUINS, one of the first levels requiring source port EDGE.

As a composer, Marc contributed bespoke MIDI music for community deathmatch projects GothicDM 2, Gothic99, and Crucified Dreams. With source ports adding support for MP3 and OGG playback, he began releasing his soundtracks as recorded tracked audio with live electric guitar. This included new music for Kristus' Phobia.

Between 1999 and 2001, Marc worked closely with the software development team of source port EDGE, providing feedback for new features. He submitted bug reports and feature requests while working on RUINS and a new Quake-infused total conversion called QDOOM that made heavy use of 3D floors. He created public tech demos to showcase EDGE features such as a non-combat adventure gameplay level Castle that included artwork by Esa Repo (Espi).

After releasing his 12-level QDOOM TC and its accompanying soundtrack CD Fragging Fanatical in 2001, Marc moved onto mapping for the Cube engine that was created by fellow Doom community member Wouter van Oortmerssen (Aardappel). In 2004, he reconnected to the classic Doom community and joined a community mapping project using an early iteration of OTEX. When the project was left in limbo after many months, he retextured his cavern-based level with Doom II stock textures to release it under the title Last Mission.

In 2016 Fanatic uploaded a new metal album Doomed in OGG format to the idgames archive, allowing level designers to re-use his songs as a soundtrack to their WADs.

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