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"Another Newbie. Welcome to the worst assignment you'll ever have."
― Marak [source]

Mars City is the first level of Doom 3 and consists of a short tutorial on the basic features of the game. The player also picks up the first assignment from Sergeant Kelly ("Sarge"). It is the only level in the game to not include any enemies or weapons. Not to be confused with a later level also based in Mars City after the invasion, Mars City: Union Aerospace Corporate Division.


The game begins with a short video introducing the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC), an interplanetary company that operates above and beyond all legal and moral obligations in the development of the most advanced technology known to man.

Mars City Hangar[edit]


Following the UAC presentation, the game cuts to a display showing the approach of a transport coming in for a landing on Mars. The shuttle contains Counselor Elliot Swann and his bodyguard, Jack Campbell, who have come to Mars to check up on Dr. Malcom Betruger. According to Swann, Betruger has overstepped his authority in some way, and Swann and Campbell are there to bring him back into line. You are also on the transport. As a Marine who's been called up to active duty on Mars, your first duty is to report to Marine Command and receive your orders. As soon as the opening cinemas end, walk forward and speak to R. Cooper, who tells you that all new arrivals must be processed at reception.


Follow the walkway to the Security Checkpoint's doorway. You pass M. Caseon, seated on a bench. This disturbing fellow says he needs to get out of here, and he encourages you to do the same. He advises you not to trust anyone. Behind Caseon is a control panel with a transfer manifest on it. When you approach it, your reticle changes to a cursor; inspect the items on the manifest: two bins of administrative supplies, several crates of sealed biological specimens, and three metaseal containers of classified material. You can delete any of the items from the manifest if you wish, except the classified metaseal containers. Doing so has no effect on the game. Proceed through the door to the Security Checkpoint. Note that the door has a green light on it indicating that it is unlocked. The door's display panel says "General Access," meaning that anyone can go through it.

Security Checkpoint[edit]


Walk into the Security Checkpoint where a technician tells you to stand on one of the red squares on the floor so that he can begin your bio-scan. After the technician ensures that you're not carrying any dangerous bacteria or pathogens into the facility, the door to the north opens into the Departure Lounge. Go through the door.


You will be brought to the reception desk in a cutscene, and given your PDA. The receptionist will also direct you to Sargeant Kelly and say you need to head directly to Marine HQ - simply follow the signs.

Proceed through the door on the right, and you will see three characters undergoing a discussion about operations. Continue down the corridor to the left, going past the bathrooms. On the right are the kitchens, where you can get Adam Berneche's PDA, and/or play Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3.

Past the doors next to the kitchen, you can proceed to Marine HQ. The doors are on the right, and the marine will point you towards Marine HQ. After a briefing from

Level Exit[edit]

After a briefing concerning the missing Jonathan Ishii, you will be directed to follow the Sentry to the elevator. There is a supply cabinet next to the elevator, which you can use by entering the number found in Adam's PDA's audio log.

Enter the elevator to proceed to Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems.


  • Personal: Retrieved from reception
  • Adam Berneche: Found in kitchen (right branch past the bathroom)
  • Note: If you spawn a weapon using cheats and kill a character who possesses a PDA, the PDA will appear in your PDA display under the name "Duncan Mathews." If you do this before receiving your personal PDA, it will take your PDA's place.

Video disks[edit]

  • Marine Command Briefing
  • Welcome to Mars Research Facility One: Found behind receptionist
  • Series 3 Plasma Gun Briefing: Found in Combat Prep (across from Marine HQ)


  • Welcome Message
  • Report to Marine HQ
  • Safety Awareness Month
  • Code-Black: Missing Staff
  • New High Score!
  • Volunteer to earn extra credits





  • Bullets
  • Sentry Bots
  • Shotgun (not reachable)
  • Machinegun (not reachable)
  • Grenades (not reachable)
  • Pistol (not reachable)
  • Plasma Cell (not reachable)
  • Shells (not reachable)
  • Clips (not reachable)
  • Medkit (not reachable)
  • Security Armor (not reachable)
  • Note: If you use the "noclip" cheat to reach these items, you may take the weapons to use later in the game, giving you an advantage up to Enpro Plant.

Storage Cabinets[edit]

  • Storage Cabinet #001: Supplies - 396 - found in audio log for Adam Berneche's PDA.

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