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Martian Buddy mascot and logo.

Martian Buddy is a fictional internet company featured in Doom 3. Calling itself "The Greatest Company Ever Conceived", it is a "direct marketing advertisement" company which sends out copious amounts of spam for products such as pharmaceuticals, MMORPG games, pornography, radar technology, stimulant drugs, cooking utensils and penile enhancement. It is unclear if the company merely advertises these products or actually sells them. Martian Buddy spam emails can be found on multiple PDAs throughout the game.

The company also sends out promotional storage cabinets loaded with "useful things we think you'll need." Throughout the game, players will encounter two Martian Buddy storage lockers. Players had to go to the Martian Buddy website (the address,, is currently offline; the domain now redirects to Bethesda's website) to get the combination for the two Martian Buddy storage lockers[1]. In the BFG Edition of Doom 3, the codes are instead found on Jonathan Moses's PDA, hidden as the sender's name in the Martian Buddy email. Both Martian Buddy storage lockers are the only two lockers in the game to have a code longer than 3 digits.

The storage lockers are found in Administration and Delta Labs Level 2B. Administration's Martian Buddy locker contains a chaingun and an ammo belt with it. Delta Labs Level 2B's contains a BFG 9000. Both lockers also have a security armor inside.

In the expansion Resurrection of Evil, the level Phobos Labs - Sector 2: Molecular Research contains the arcade game Martian Buddy Blaster, a point-and-shoot minigame where the player has to shoot asteroids (with a weapon that looks like the classic BFG) to protect themselves and collect the Martianbuddies. Successfully completing the game gives the player a link to a subpage on the website, where the player could find the code to a Martian Buddy cabinet[2] found in the level Phobos Labs - Revisited: Teleportation. The subpage also contained a hint about a BFG 9000 hidden in the same level. This game was replaced with a copy of Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in Doom 3: BFG Edition and has thus far remained missing from subsequent versions of the game.

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  1. The website shows the locker code as 0508
  2. Code is 634
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