Martin Eyre (Vermil)


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Martin Eyre (alias Vermil) is a Heretic level designer who contributed to a number of community projects.

Body of work[edit]




  • Hordes of Chaos X (Doomworld/idgames)
    • E3M1: Monster Mash
    • E3M3: Hidden Temple
    • E4M1: Painkiller
    • E4M3: The Black Bog
    • E5M3: Fortress Of Fortitude
    • E5M4: Catastrohpic Finale
    • E5M5: Obligatory Secret Map
  • Ressurection of Chaos (Doomworld/idgames)
    • MAP01



  • The current version 1.2 of Corr7TC (Released November 21, 2010) relies on a custom engine based on the Doomsday source port, version 1.8.6 whilst utilizing the JDoom plugin, version 1.15.6. It contains a few small engine modifications that were present in the Doomsday 1.9.0 beta series of releases that were backported to the Doomsday 1.8.6 plugin for Doom, called JDOOM.DLL.