Master Levels for Doom II 25th Anniversary MIDI Pack


Master Levels for Doom II 25th Anniversary MIDI Pack
Title screen
Authors Peter Lawrence et al
Port Vanilla Doom
Year 2021
Link Doomworld forums thread

Master Levels for Doom II 25th Anniversary MIDI Pack is a music pack for Master Levels for Doom II created by Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) along with several other musicians. To make it compatible with the MIDI pack, user must compile all Master Levels WAD files into a single WAD file using a WAD resource editor such as SLADE 3, and make the order of the maps the same as the Playstation Network's Master Levels.

The project was first announced in the Doomworld forums on December 24, 2020, to celebrate Master Levels' 25th anniversary which occurred two days later, and the final version was released on January 18, 2021.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Track Name Composer(s) Level Length Inspiration / base
Are We Really Doing This Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Attack 01:28 -
Guess We Are Then Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Canyon 01:09 -
Don't Fall Lmao Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: The Catwalk 01:03 -
Treasure Hunting Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: The Combine 01:51 -
Fist Urethra Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere), j0e MAP01: The Fistula 01:40 -
Shepards Tone Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: The Garrison 01:20 -
Death by Enriched Bagel Xulgonoth MAP01: Titan Manor 03:57 Eternal Doom soundtrack by Rich Nagel[2]
Waltz into Mancubus Fireballs Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Paradox 02:14 -
Ejipt Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Subspace 01:21 "Transform All Suffering into F" by Steve Dudzik (Lüt) from Mock 2 MAP09
Inescapable Pit Time Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Subterra 02:02 -
Wank City Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP01: Trapped on Titan 01:49 -
Locrian Trap MIDI Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP03: Virgil's Lead 02:42 -
Not Club Doom Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP05: Minos' Judgement 01:54 "Club Doom" by Danny Lewis from PSX Doom Level 59
Archvile King Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP07: Bloodsea Keep 02:00 -
Icon Of put this map in the Bin Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP07: Mephisto's Maosoleum 00:22 -
Slaying at Night Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP07: Nessus 01:07 -
Catnip Forest Mei McEntire (Bloo) MAP08: Geryon 01:29 -
Invisible Ledge is DUMB Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere), Jakub Majewski (KUBA18i) MAP09: Vesperas 02:08 -
Erecting The Black Tower Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP25: Black Tower 03:57 -
Grinding Teeth Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP31: The Express Elevator to Hell 01:31 -
The Tit Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) MAP32: Bad Dream 00:24 -
DOODOODOODOO Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) Ending screen 00:31 "Dude" by Tom White (Hyena) from Mock 2 Intermission
Palate Cleanser Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) Intermission screen 00:31 "Dude" by Tom White (Hyena) from Mock 2 Intermission
Arse Peter Lawrence (MegaSphere) Text screen 01:27 -

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