Masters of Chaos


Masters of Chaos
Title screen
Authors Caleb26, Doom_Warrior
Port ZDoom
IWAD Heretic
Year 2012
Link Doomworld/idgames
Cacoward.png This mod was a runner-up for the 2012 Cacowards on Doomworld!

Masters of Chaos is a megawad for Heretic that was released in June 2012. It was designed by Caleb26 and Doom_Warrior and uses their own custom music along with music tracks from Heretic and Hexen.

This WAD was a runner-up in the 2012 Cacowards.


Five years after the events of Heretic, Corvus lives a normal life in his home town, until he learns of a dangerous new enemy called Voltrog, also known as the "Master of Chaos". Voltrog is a former Serpent Rider who betrayed his fellow riders and is using three "chaos crystals" to drain the planet's life energy. Corvus must destroy all three crystals to weaken Voltrog and put a stop to his plans.

New features[edit]

Masters of Chaos adds a number of new weapons, monsters and decorations via a DECORATE lump, many of which are taken from Realm 667.


  • Wand of Embers - a weapon that shares slot 2 with the Elven Wand but uses its own "ember ammo". It normally fires a spread of small projectiles similar to a shotgun; when using a Tome of Power, the number of projectiles fired is increased. It first appears in episode 2.
  • Jade Wand - this weapon shares slot 3 with the Ethereal Crossbow and uses the same ammo as that weapon. It normally fires a single projectile that rips through enemies but is affected by gravity; when tomed, each shot will be five blasts that behave like hitscans. It first appears in episode 2.
  • Frost Fang - a wand-like item that shares slot 4 with the Dragon Claw and uses the same ammo as that weapon. It normally fires rapid ice shots; when tomed it instead fires a single powerful ice blast which consumes 8 ammo.
  • Blood Scepter - a weapon that shares slot 5 with the Hellstaff and uses the same ammo as that weapon. It normally fires rapid-fire projectiles; when tomed, it instead unleashes a wraith that rips through enemies until it expires (similar to the wraiths summoned by Hexen's Wraithverge) and consumes 10 ammo at a time. It first appears in episode 3.
  • Skull Staff - a variant of the Hellstaff that occupies slot 8 and uses "skullstaff charges" as ammo. It normally fires purple projectiles that consume 1 charge per shot, in a similar manner to the Hellstaff. When tomed the staff fires a trio of spikes that travel along the ground, consuming 5 charges per shot.

The Skull Staff only harms ghost monsters when un-tomed, while the Jade Wand only harms ghosts when tomed. The other new weapons can harm ghosts at all times.


  • Bormereth - a larger red variant of Hexen's ettin that can use its mace for melee attacks but also launches fireballs at you, either rapid-fire or by firing three at once in a spread pattern. Bormereth can also charge a large fireball which homes in on you and deals heavy damage unless it hits an obstacle first. Every time Bormereth enters his pain state, he will generate columns of fire around him and become invulnerable for a fraction of a second; single-shot weapons like the Phoenix Rod work well against him.
  • Nightmare - a spirit that exclusively melee attacks, but can only be seen and injured when attacking.
  • Knight Archer - a humanoid wearing blue armor that fights with a single-shot crossbow.
  • Roach - a small green monster that fires fast-moving projectiles. When its health is low, the roach tries to get out of sight in order to heal itself. When a roach is killed, it has a small chance to resurrect itself after a few seconds.
  • Butcher - an ogre-like beast that exclusively uses its hammer to mash opponents.
  • Invisible Warrior - a suit of armor and a sword controlled by a spirit. It uses its sword to fire invisible missiles, and can be difficult to hit due to its erratic dodging.
  • Vampire - a larger black variant of Hexen's dark bishop, which can fire a spread of bats and a stream of red projectiles from under its robes. Vampires can inflict heavy damage, but they have a high pain chance so rapid-fire weapons will keep them from fighting back. When killed, the vampire spawns several bats which deal no damage.
  • Shadow Beast - a large dark creature that can fire a trio of fireballs and a spread of green projectiles. When entering its pain state, the beast has a small chance to unleash a number of wraiths that chase you to inflict melee damage; the beast will also disappear and reappear somewhere nearby.
  • Sentinel - a black variant of the iron lich which protects Voltrog's chaos crystals. It uses a variety of projectile attacks and can also summon guardian cubes to fight alongside it.
  • Voltrog - the self-appointed "Master of Chaos", who resembles a larger red version of Korax. He uses a variety of attacks including fireballs, meteors and lines of fire.

The dark bishop, green chaos serpent, reiver and wendigo from Hexen also appear in many levels, along with the Disc of Repulsion artifact. Instead of being placed in levels directly, they are spawned at the start of each level that includes them using an ACS script.


Episode 1: The Dark Tower

Episode 2: Hellbound

Episode 3: Shadowlands

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