Maykr drone


The Maykr drone's picture in the codex.
Maykr drones during the procession ritual. A Maykr angel stands between them.

The Maykr drone, the lowest-ranked known form of the Maykrs, is an enemy in Doom Eternal, found mostly within Urdak, as well as in one of the Slayer Gate challenges. They fire sustained volleys of Argent projectiles, and feature a massive drop of loot if killed with a headshot.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Maykr drones tend to stay a fair distance from the player using their ability to fly and shoot volleys of weak energy blasts; in melee, they attack with whips of light. Their bodies are covered in strong armor that makes them surprisingly durable for a fodder monster, but their heads are highly vulnerable - additionally, killing them with a headshot will release bonus health and ammunition. The heavy cannon's scope mod is especially effective. It should be noted that Maykr drones require three fuel pips to kill with the chainsaw rather than the single pip needed to kill other fodder monsters.


Drones make up the majority of Urdak's population; like most other Maykrs, they have individual identities but are biologically unable to defy an order from the Khan Maykr. As a result, they give the impression of functioning as a perfectly synchronized colony. Their bodies, referred to as being immature, are not yet able to handle the strain of inter-dimensional travel, so they never leave Urdak.

Glory kills[edit]

  • The Slayer slices the Maykr drone's lower torso off and before punching it away.
  • The Slayer decapitates the Maykr drone from behind, after which he kicks it away.
  • The Slayer grabs the Maykr drone's head and headbutts it, causing it to explode.
  • The Slayer kicks the Maykr drone around and punches its face.


A red-armored elite Maykr drone during the battle with the Khan Maykr.

When the Doom Slayer interrupts the Maykrs' ritual to summon and then control the Icon of Sin, the Icon releases an energy wave of some kind which seems to affect all the Maykr drones at the ritual (and presumably throughout that stage). This may be why they fight as they appear to have been corrupted. Alternatively, some may simply be following the Khan Maykr's command to stop the Slayer at all costs.

The Maykr drones present during the battle against the Khan Maykr have red suits of armor, presumably representing units of an elite guard.

The Ancient Gods, Part One also introduces a stronger, heavy variant of the Maykr drone - the Blood Maykr. While being tougher, with several new powerful attacks and a shield that minimizes the damage they take, the blood maykr still has the same weakness to headshots as well as the bonus drops for a successful headshot kill.