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Mechs are large, bipedal military machines used by ARC to combat the Hell invasion. They run on artificial Argent energy created with the Crucible. There are two types, small and large. Small mechs resemble the Armored Troopers from Armored Trooper Votoms. They stand around four to five meters tall. They are piloted by a single person and carry three machine guns, two on arms and one in the torso. They are often found lying around in the hellified Earth levels.

Large mechs are, perhaps, the most advanced ARC or UAC weaponry after the BFG-9000. They stand somewhere around 25 meters tall and carry large cannons in the place of the right forearm. This cannon resembles the static cannon. Their other armaments include two anti-aircraft turrets on their back, an anti-personnel turret on each leg, missile batteries on the chest and a large-caliber machine gun in the abdominal area. They are often seen standing or collapsed on the ground in the Hell on Earth level.

Given that Samuel Hayden is secretly the Seraphim, it may be the case that the mechs were based on the design of Night Sentinel-made Atlans, of which he was certainly aware.