A mechamaniac.

The mechamaniac is an enemy from Hacx. With 800 hit points, this partially robotic mutant is extremely dangerous. It has two cannons mounted on its body, and it can shoot photons at the player. One shot from a mechamaniac is strong enough to kill a player with 100% health.

Tactical analysis[edit]

Although powerful, fortunately the mechamaniac's attacks are not too difficult to avoid, and strafing while fighting these foes often helps. When facing them it is recommended to use strong weapons such as the cryogun or the photon 'zooka. The mechamaniac is not immune to the splash damage from its own projectiles, so it is possible for it to accidentally kill itself.


  • The mechamaniac somewhat resembles Quake's Armagon (found in one of the mission packs). Ironically, it was Quake which caused Hacx to fail commercially.