Mega health


The mega health power-up.
A mega health in Argent D'Nur.
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Mega health is a power-up item which occurs in Doom (2016). It appears as a levitating large, dark blue orb with lighter blue markings and green lights. Its behavior differs between different game modes. The mega health is an item created by the UAC and is stated to be a fusion of technology and "arcane" Argent stimulant research, consisting of an adrenaline solution injected into an Argent stimulant. The mixture is said to be highly unstable, requiring immediate absorption, so it is likely that the mega health pick-up itself is a device that creates the mixture at the time of use.

UAC research indicates that humans who use a mega health will have reduced lifespan, despite the temporary increases in stamina and endurance. Demons on the other hand are said to immediately die if administered the item.

Tactical analysis[edit]

In the single-player campaign, collecting a mega health gives the player 200 health and 200 armor, regardless of the current normal maxima for those values. Health and armor given by the item in excess of these limits cannot be recovered, so health and armor will continue to lower along with damage taken until they drop below their respective maximum.

In multiplayer, the player's health and armor are set to 100, but the excess armor will slowly tick down until only armor acquired from supplies remains.

In SnapMap, mega health restores the player to the maximum health and armor values that have been specified in the player vitals object at map start or adjusted afterward via application of events to such an object.

In the classic levels, supercharges will behave like mega health pickups when collected. This makes them functionally identical to Doom II's megasphere.