A menu is a visual user interface system used in starting up and configuring video games. It allows the user to navigate through a list of various options which can be selected to perform a specific action, the most common being starting a new game, saving or loading the game, setting options, and closing the program.

Modern source ports can alter the menu to add more options or to make it look unique. PWADs can also change the visuals of the menu.

Doom menu[edit]

The vanilla in-game main menu offers the basic options to start the game with a simple to use and navigate interface.

  • New Game: This option moves forward to the Choose Skill Level menu, where the player chooses difficulty settings. In the original Doom, it shows the Which Episode? menu before the skill level section.
  • Options: The configuration menu that allows the user to slightly customize the game visuals, audio and mouse sensitivity.
  • Load Game: Allows the player to resume a previous save file.
  • Save Game: This option allows for the player to save in any part of the game to later resume it. In vanilla Doom, save files are limited in size to around 180 KB.
  • Quit Game: Exits the program. It will ask the player for confirmation before fully exiting, usually by making use of humoristic texts.


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