Michael Abrams

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Michael Abrams

Delta Security Chief


Mars City Security


Unknown (mostly likely dead)

Only appearance

Alpha Labs - Sector 4 (PDA audio log)

Michael Abrams is a background character in Doom 3. He was the Security Chief assigned to Delta Labs Sector 2A on Mars. When the demon invasion occurred, Abrams went over to Alpha Labs to investigate and was most likely killed. He is not seen in the game but his PDA can be found in Alpha Labs Sector 4 in Larry Kaczynski's lab. It can only be obtained if the Player rescues Kaczynski at the start of the level. The PDA contains a code that opens his office where a BFG 9000 is seen. However, there is an error in the code, and the player needs to replace 0 with a 3 for it to work.

Messages from Abrams appears in many PDAs throughout the game, often giving security codes to personnel, or issuing new assignments to security guards. As head of security for the entire Delta Complex, Abrams would be responsible for managing such things.