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Michael Schaap (alias UberGewei and D3st1ny) is a Dutch Doom level designer who contributed to a number of community projects.

UberGewei has been a member of the community since 2007. He's mostly known for his unusual modifications. Most of his work revolves around the ZDaemon source port such as maps for ZDaemon exclusive game modes, ACS scripted game modes, skins and so forth.

Body of work[edit]




  • ZDaemon Double Domination Map Pack 1 (Wad Archive (archived 🏛))
    • MAP09: Frozen Corner
    • MAP12: Reliant United



  • X-Gamesv3
    • MAP34: Untote des Friedhofs
    • MAP35: Die fantastische Rutschbahn
    • MAP37: Wasserball Klopfer
    • MAP39: Kugel Schlag
  • SIGIL (by John Romero)
    • 1.1 -> 1.21 playtesting and providing technical alliance.
  • The Chosen One
    • MAP01: The haunted UAC facility
    • MAP02: Shopping, but with a twist (with Tourettes)
    • ACS
    • DeHackEd


ZDaemon Sessions[edit]

Christmas specials[edit]

  • zds_xmas2015
  • zds_xmas2016
  • zds_xmas2017
  • zds_xmas2018
    • MAP01: Christmas Village
    • MAP02: My Gewei is covered in snow
    • MAP03: The middle of snowhere
    • MAP05: Elveistal
    • MAP06: Santa's Monstercannon (with Krawa)
    • MAP07: Industrial Rollercoaster!
    • MAP08: Kiss my Gewei baby.
    • MAP09: Christmas Diner!

Halloween specials[edit]

  • halloween_zds_2016
  • halloween_zds_2017
  • halloween_zds_2018

Easter specials[edit]

  • zds_easter_b1