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Codebase DOSDoom 0.301
Developer(s) Ryan Nunn (Triforce)
Initial release v0.1 (January 1998, 25 years ago)
Latest release v0.3 (1998-02-01, 25 years ago)
Development status Discontinued
Written in C
Target Platform DOS
License Doom Source License

MidDoom was an early source port by Ryan Nunn, alias Triforce, based off DOSDoom. A shortlived port, it most notably brought networking and HUD improvements, including advanced player and level stats and a menu system to choose IWADs.


MidDoom's exact first release date is unknown. The port based itself around DOSDoom 0.301, which was released on January 4, 1998. It is unknown if later DOSDoom additions were added to MidDoom as none were exactly mentioned. The last version of MidDoom was released on February 1, 1998, as version 0.3. It fixed a lot of bugs, enabled a HUD with player and level stats and player names in networking, and a menu system.


  • All features from DOSDoom 0.301
    • High resolution (640x480 and beyond)
    • Hi-color mode (16 bit)
  • Player stats HUD
  • Player names in networking
  • Menu system for choosing multiple IWADS
  • Two toggleable statistics HUD's
  • Sound support: MIDI, Wavetable synth, and CD Audio. It utilizes a special program for this, called ASETUP.EXE
  • Ability to specifiy heapsize. 6 MB is default

The Statistics HUD's[edit]

Note: taken from Readme

Level Stats HUD:

The Level Stats HUD is toggled by pressing the S key. When in AUTOMAP
mode it is always on.

The Level Stats HUD is two lines high and looks like one of the following
(note statistics are not real):
-Single Player or COOP
 Level 1: Entryway    Kills: 4 / 18
 Items: 3 / 5    Secrets: 4 / 6    Time: 0:54

-Deathmatch No Timer
 Green: 42   Indigo: 23   Time: 42:53
 Brown: -10   Red: 0

-Deathmatch With Timer
 Green: 42   Indigo: 23   Time Limit Enabled
 Brown: -10   Red: 0   Time Remaining: 5:53
The Level Stats HUD appears directly above the Status Bar or At the bottom of
the screen in Full Screen Mode.

The Player Stats HUD:

The Player Stats HUD is toggled with the H Key. The HUD has three modes. Off, Left and


  • The HUD code used in MidDoom 0.2 was a inspiration for John Cole in his CTFDoom port version 0.98.

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