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Midway Games was a Chicago, Illinois-based game developer and publisher which started in 1958 as Midway Manufacturing Company, creating mechanical arcade games. It was bought by Bally Manufacturing, a manufacturer of pinball and slot machines, in 1969. After developing a partnership with Japanese video game publisher Taito, the company started creating video games. In 1988, the company was bought by competitor Williams Entertainment and, without leaving the arcade and pinball business, started developing video games for home consoles. It eventually filed for bankruptcy and was liquidated in 2009, with the majority of its assets being purchased by Time Warner.

Among many other titles, divisions of this company were responsible for creating the official ports of Doom to the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 platforms. They managed to give the PlayStation Doom and Final Doom ports their own identity, through the use of a completely different soundtrack composed by Aubrey Hodges and a darker, gloomier atmosphere accented by sharp colored lighting. The Nintendo 64 port was even more ambitious, with all-new textures, redesigned sprites in a different artistic style, and completely new levels proposed as a sequel and conclusion to the events of Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (as Williams Entertainment)
Sony PlayStation (as Williams Entertainment)
Nintendo 64 (as Midway Games)

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