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Mighty Doom is a mobile Doom game for Android and iOS devices developed by Alpha Dog Games and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is a top-down shooter where a toy version of the Doom Slayer called the "Mini Slayer" fights toy enemies within tiled environments using weapons and glory kills, clearing the stage by defeating all enemies present. Occasionally boss monster fights occur. The player can upgrade their statistics and arsenal with both randomized and purchased items.

"Run and gun through hundreds of exciting levels and battle challenging bosses as you level up, gain powerful skills, loot new gear, and upgrade legendary weapons. Descend into iconic DOOM worlds in this single-touch shooter with an animated style. Download Mighty DOOM and stand against all evil!"
― Synopsis


The game is a top-down shooter where the player can control a miniature version of the Doom Slayer using a digital joystick. The weaponry is divided in three sections, primaries, secondaries and ultimate, with the last two being able to be activated manually.

The game operates on a type-based system, from which also depends the weakness system. Like Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal the player can perform glory kills to regain health back.

As the game progresses, the player can gain experience points and temporary upgrades, most notably at the end of boss fights and when level milestones are met.



Most enemies follow similar attack patterns to their Doom Eternal counterparts, albeit simplified.

Monster Description
Zombie The lowest and weakest of all enemies, whose main attack is slashing the player. They come in several variants, including some that burn the Slayer when nearby and some that leave a trail of ice or toxic puddles as they crawl about. Ice zones deal periodic damage and slow the Slayer, while Toxic deals periodic damage and leaves a damage over time effect. Each zombie variant has a different elemental weakness. Standard zombies have a weakness to Plasma. Hazmat zombies have a weakness to Explosive. Fire zombies have a weakness to Ice. Ice zombies have a weakness to Fire.
Imp Its weakness is Ice.
Imp (Ice) An imp that throws iceballs. Its weakness is Fire.
Gargoyle Flies into the air and hurls two balls of toxic, then relocates itself after attacking while airborne. While in the air, it cannot be directly attacked. It is weak to Fire.
Soldier (Blaster) A soldier with two varieties. The most common type fires a single yellow projectile directly towards the player. The second, rarer type fires three green projectiles at the player: one straight towards the player, and one to the left and right. Its weakness is Explosive.
Tentacle A large tentacle that rises up when the Slayer is nearby and attacks by slamming itself into the nearby ground. If all enemies in a room are cleared, they will rise up regardless of location. It is weak to Fire.
Whiplash Whiplash that can throw up to three fireballs consecutively that move in a curved zig-zag. Its weakness is Explosive.
Cacodemon Cacodemon whose projectiles can bounce off the arena walls. Its weakness is Toxic.
Hell razer Hell razers. They fire a laser in a straight line towards the player aiming via a red line. When the line disappears they are locked in place. They're weak to Ballistic.
Mecha zombie A Mecha zombie that can shoot projectiles, rotating counterclockwise, or use a single flamethrower when up close. Its weakness is Explosive.
Lost soul Lost souls that charge at the player. They are pretty harmless, and their weakness is Ballistic.
Pinky They act like lost souls, by charging at the player. They are weak to Toxic.
Revenant They can fly around the screen and shoot three homing rockets at a time. They also have a melee attack. When they are in the air they cannot be hit, though the Slayer will still fire at them. They are weak to Fire.
Prowler They can teleport around the map leaving behind purple gas and cannot be targeted when teleporting. They are weak to Fire.
Soldier (Shield) They can shoot from behind their shields, which can offer them coverage. They are weak to Plasma.
Carcass It can create shields that can block the Slayer's attacks. It can also fire energy waves that bounce off of the terrain. It is weak to Plasma.
Hell knight They can strike at the player by jumping and launching at them. They also have a melee attack. They are weak to Explosive.
Hell priest (Ice) The first unique boss. It has a wave attack and two falling ice attacks: one with large icicles and one with small icicles. They leave temporary hazards on the map. It is weak to Fire.
Baron of Hell The second unique boss. It can charge at the player, jump towards them similarly to a Hell knight, and shoot three consecutive fireballs. The baron of Hell is weak to Ice.
Doom hunter The Doom hunter, the third unique boss, has two phases. In the first phase they move back and forth across the middle of the arena, firing small rockets straight down or up depending on where the Slayer is. During this phase they can fire fireballs that Inflict burn towards the slayers exact location and homing Rockets. During the second phase, at half health, the Hunter moves freely around the arena firing fireballs and homing rockets as before, along with very quickly charging across the screen towards the Slayer, only stopping at the opposite wall. It is weak to Ballistic.
Hell priest (Fire) The final boss is the same Hell priest as before but with fire themed attacks that additionally inflict burn. It is weak to Ice.
Mancubus This boss has a beefy amount of health but is slow to move. It fires four volleys of 3 fireballs and has a double flamethrower attack that it will wave around in front of it. It is weak to Ice.
Cyber-mancubus Even beefier than its non-cyber relative and just as slow. It will fire a rain of toxic down in random locations around the Slayer. It can also spray a massive barrage of toxic shots from its two cannons. It is weak to Plasma.
Pain elemental It can make a dash attack at the Slayer while also spawning additional 3 - 4 lost souls into the fight, one at a time. It also has an attack where they spit a spread of four explosive lost souls that travel in a straight line and explode on impact. It is weak to Plasma.
Arachnotron It is fast and can leap at the Slayer. It attacks by firing a rapid fire spray of plasma as well as charging up its cannon for a faster, bigger blast. It can also fire small plasma grenades that detonate on impact. It is weak to Explosive.


The primary weapon is the default one and it can be swapped momentarily for a secondary or an ultimate one. After being selected the player will need to wait 10 seconds to use a secondary again. The same goes for the ultimate weapons, with the only difference being the recharge time. Instead of a fixed amount of time, killing enemies will add a varying percentage to the ultimate's recharge.


Weapon Description
Heavy cannon A Heavy cannon that acts as the starting weapon. Its types are Ballistic and Explosive.
Combat shotgun A standard Combat shotgun. Its types are Ballistic and Fire.
Plasma rifle A single target Plasma rifle. Its type is Plasma.
Chaingun A Chaingun. Its types are Ballistic and Ice.
Burst rifle The 3-round burst rifle from Doom (2016). Its types are Ballistic and Toxic.


Weapon Description
Rocket launcher The starting secondary weapon. Its types are Explosive and Ice.
Ballista A Ballista. Its types are Plasma and Explosive.
Super shotgun The classic Super shotgun. Its types are Ballistic and Fire.
Gauss cannon The gauss cannon from Doom (2016). Its types are Ballistic and Toxic.
Sentinel Hammer Its types are Ice, Plasma, and Toxic.


Weapon Description
Chainsaw The chainsaw. Its type is Rending, the only weapon in the game to fall in this category.
Crucible The Crucible. Its type is Plasma.
BFG9000 The BFG9000 in all its guts and glory. Its type is Plasma.
Unmaykr The Unmaykr. Its type is Plasma.


Weapon Description
Frag grenade The starting grenade launcher. Its type is Explosive.
Flame belch The Flame Belch from Doom Eternal, used to incinerate enemies. Its types is Fire.
Ice bomb A bomb that slows down whoever is hurt by it. Its type is Ice.
Arc grenade A stun bomb that slows down enemies by using electricity. Its type is Plasma.
Acid spit An acid spit that gradually chips at the enemy's health. Its type is Toxic.


  • The game was previously in a status of limited early release and was available only to a set number of users in the territories of New Zealand and, later, Canada. As of March 21, 2023, it is available worldwide.

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