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Michael "Mike" Rubits (also known by his alias of sponge) is a Doom community member and a programmer at id Software. He has been heavily involved in projects relating to id's older titles, including maintaining the Doom Classic Unity port after its release and working with Nightdive Studios on their versions of Doom 64 and Quake.


Title Released Developer Publisher Role
Quake Live (Web Version) 2009 id Software id Software Web Developer, Programmer
Quake Live (Steam Version) 2014 id Software ZeniMax Media Programmer
Quake Champions 2017 id Software ZeniMax Media Web Developer, Programmer
Rage 2 2019 Avalanche Studios, id Software ZeniMax Media Backend Web Developer
Doom Classic Unity port 2019 Nerve Software, id Software ZeniMax Media Programmer
Quake (2021 Remaster) 2021 id Software, Nightdive Studios, MachineGames ZeniMax Media Senior Programmer

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