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This is a list of minor NPCs you encounter in Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission in order of appearance. Most are encountered in the first level (Mars City) and are presumably killed or turned into zombies during the demonic invasion. Many of their names derive from staff (archived 🏛) involved in making Doom 3.

Doom 3[edit]

R. Cooper[edit]

R. Cooper

R. Cooper is a Mars-Sec security guard encountered at the beginning of Doom 3, who inspects cargo inbound from space transports to Mars City and greets new arrivals on Mars. He also directs them to where they should go. His fate is unknown, but he was most likely killed when the demons invaded. His name may be a reference to a character named Richard Cooper in the 1995 Sci-Fi film Screamers.

Killing him (with Cheats) will not make him drop his PDA.

A. Chang[edit]

A. Chang

A. Chang is a civilian technician assigned to Mars City. He is one of the first people the player meets upon arriving on Mars. If you speak to him, Chang will remark that he's never seen you before and that you must be one of the new guys. If you try to speak to him further, he will tell you he's too busy to talk. He has his own office in Delta Operations with a pistol and bullets inside and is listed as an Operations Clerk. He may or may not be the same A. Chang.

He is named after id Software artist Andy Chang.

J. Yezback[edit]

J. Yezback

J. Yezback is a Mars security guard stationed at Mars City. You can find him in the main office entrance guarding the door to the ACO Access Junction. If the player approaches him, he will say, "Listen buddy, you don't have clearance for this area. Move along."

If the player persists in speaking to him, he becomes very annoyed and snaps, "God damn it, marine, get out of here!"

Yezback was most likely possessed and turned into a Z-Sec during the demonic invasion. It is possible that he is the Machine Gun Z-Sec that is seen fighting the Sentry Bot outside of Betruger's office.

T. Washington[edit]

T. Washington

T. Washington is one of the friendlier Marines you encounter before the invasion in Mars City. He is first encountered coming out of the bathroom near Marine Command. If you speak to him, he greets you and offers some advice about your stay on Mars. After Sergeant Kelly gives you your first assignment, you can find Washington reading a computer terminal in the lobby.

K. Tang[edit]

K. Tang

K. Tang was a maintenance worker stationed at Mars City. He'd been working there for years. He is one of the friendlier characters you meet at the beginning of the game. Tang can be found in the Common Area watching the news. If you speak with him, he will welcome you and then advise you to work hard and stay out of trouble.

Miller and Marak[edit]

Miller and Marak

Miller and Marak are minor Doom 3 UAC marine characters. They are seen in the Mars City Common Area. They are talking about the people who are coming and going, most notably, a marine named Corporal Allen who just "lost it" and was shipped home, and whom the player is replacing. If you talk to them, they will welcome you to the "worst assignment you'll ever have" and wonder how long you'll last.

Slang and Kim[edit]

Slang and Kim.

R. Slang and J. Kim are two maintenance technicians. When the player is making his way to Marine Command to meet Sergeant Kelly, he overhears them talking about Counselor Elliot Swann's arrival. If the player stays long enough, he can hear Slang and Kim talk about Delta Labs and the mysterious experiments taking place. They wonder what could be going on that requires so much energy.

Later on, when the player exits Marine Command after being given a mission by Sergeant Kelly, he passes by Slang and Kim again. This time, they will be gossiping about some strange creatures seen at Delta Labs.

If you try to talk to either of them, they will tell you they are busy and don't want to be bothered.

After returning from Mars City Underground, Slang and Kim can briefly be heard speaking to each other in a panicked fashion through some walls, but then a loud noise occurs and they lose track of each other (it can be presumed one of the pair dies at this point, but it remains unconfirmed). Later, a zombie appears which makes a vocalization similar to Kim's voice and is located in the area he was previously found.

J. Kim is named after Activision associate producer Jason Kim.

S. Holmes[edit]

S. Holmes

S. Holmes is the marine who instructs the player to go to Marine HQ to meet Sergeant Kelly upon the player's arrival at Marine Command. If the player tries to talk with him, Holmes will warn you that "Sarge'll have your ass if you're late."

Holmes was in Mars City when the Delta Labs Teleporter failed and created a gateway to Hell. Holmes lost his helmet during combat against the forces of Hell and the zombified personnel. He can be found when the Doomguy arrives at Marine HQ, where he is strangled to death by a zombie.

It is impossible to save him. Stepping into the hallway triggers a zombie to appear and strangle him. Using noclip allows you to enter the hallway without triggering the zombie, but even if you turn it off, you can still walk through him as though he is a ghost. Further, clicking him does nothing (you cannot talk to him).

He is named after Activision associate coordinator Steve Holmes.

E. Grafton[edit]

E. Grafton

E. Grafton is a marine on patrol in Mars City patrolling the area around Marine Command. He wears a helmet, heavy armor, and wields a standard-issue machine gun.

He welcomes the player to his job when he talks to him, but then tells him he has to do his job. After the first invasion as the Doomguy approaches the console that is requesting an uplink, Grafton can be found on the three stairs dead. A spot of blood on his upper body implies that he met his unfortunate fate from a gunshot, most likely from a Z-Sec.

R. Kasal[edit]

R. Kasal

R. Kasal is a scientist who can be found working on a console just outside the infirmary near Marine Command. At the same time, the player witnesses a crazed patient being sedated in the infirmary. Kasal, however, pays no attention to this incident, and if the player tries to talk to him, he will say he's busy and doesn't want to be disturbed.

K. Lee-Creel[edit]

K. Lee-Creel

K. Lee-Creel is a marine posted at Mars City. The player can find him at Marine Headquarters where he is trying to reconfigure a sentry bot. If you try to talk to him, he will (like many characters) tell you he's too busy to talk. When you return to Mars City after the demonic invasion, his body can be found at Marine HQ in a corner near where he was working on the sentry bot.

He is named after Activision production coordinator Kekoa Lee-Creel.

V. King[edit]

V. King

V. King is a civilian technician stationed at Marine Headquarters in Mars City. He is responsible for monitoring communications coming to and from Marine Headquarters. When the player first arrives at Marine Command, V. King is seen responding to a request from Delta Labs for additional security. If you try to converse with him, he will (like most characters) tell you he's too busy to talk.

S.L. Medley[edit]

S.L. Medley

S.L. Medley is a marine stationed at Marine Command HQ Control. He is seen at the beginning of the game communicating with Counselor Swann's ship and clearing it for landing. Dr. Betruger, who is present, instructs Medley to have Swann sent directly to him.

The player can meet Medley in HQ Control after Sergeant Kelly gives you your first assignment. However Medley will not be interested in talking with you, and will instead tell you to complete your mission.

D. Morton[edit]

D. Morton

D. Morton is a marine stationed at Marine Command HQ Control. Morton, like most characters you meet at Mars City, will not be interested in talking to you.

T. Brooks[edit]

T. Brooks

T. Brooks is a security guard located in the Mars City Underground. He welcomes the Marine upon his entry into the Underground, calling it the most unexciting place on Mars. He then permits the player access to a security locker containing a pistol, armor and a flashlight. He also informs the player that he'll have to make a quick walk across the Martian surface to get to the old comm facility.

When the player gets into his office after the demonic invasion, Brooks has been transformed into a shotgun-wielding Z-Sec, and the player has to kill him.

Note: If you discharge your pistol when you first receive it, Brooks will flinch and yell at you to be careful.

Daniel Young[edit]

Daniel Young

Daniel Young is a worker who operates a crane in the Mars City Underground. He is cynical about his job, which he finds very boring. He passes the time by reading his PDA while he works and also talks to nearby co-workers. He is somewhat friendlier to new people than other denizens of Mars City, though if you fiddle with the crane controls he will be annoyed.

Shortly before the invasion of Hell occurs, Daniel is offered a promotion by Frank Delahue. He probably would have accepted it, had the demon attack not come. After the demon invasion, when the marine passes through the area where he last saw Young, no body can be found but the floor is covered in blood, which is likely Young's.

It is possible to shoot Young and pick up his PDA to read an e-mail about his possible promotion.

C. Rodgers[edit]

C. Rodgers

C. Rodgers is a maintenance worker that the player meets in the Mars City Underground. He tells the player that he shouldn't go looking for the missing scientist, but refuses to tell why. Rodgers is killed in the demon invasion. In the PC version of Doom 3, his body parts are scattered around his bloody workstation (with an imp hiding underneath the stairs). In the Xbox version, there is no body but a trail of blood leading to the security office door which has bloody hand prints on it, which is possibly Rodgers.

R. Fry[edit]

R. Fry

R. Fry is an underground maintenance worker who can be found in the Energy Stabilization Unit of the Mars City Underground where he is seen supervising/arguing with another (unseen) worker Scotty over replacing power couplings. If you try to talk to him, he says he has to do his job and does not have time for you.

Both Fry and Scotty are killed by an imp during the demonic invasion. When you return to the Energy Stabilization Unit, you will find Fry's remains on the same spot he stood earlier. Scotty's dying screams are heard coming from the vent he was working in. If the player looks into the vent, the imp (presumably the one responsible for killing Scotty) will crawl out and attack the player.

Note: If you kill R. Fry while he's arguing with Scotty, Scotty will shout, "Ross? Ross? Hey what the hell is going on down there?"

Ian Sinclair[edit]

Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair is a scientist who can be found working in the Energy Delivery area of the Mars City Underground. Because of the hallucinations experienced by many workers and rumors of Mars City Underground being haunted, Ian Sinclair was jumpy during his job. He is encountered at the beginning of the game, when the player is assigned to find Doctor Jonathan Ishii. After expressing annoyance at the player for "sneaking up" on him, Sinclair remarks that the energy levels in many machines are going out of control, and adds that the equipment seems to be affected by something unseen. However, he does not have time to report this before the demon invasion. When the player returns to Sinclair's location, Sinclair has been transformed into a zombie, forcing the player to kill him.

Mark Ryan[edit]

Mark Ryan

Mark B. Ryan is a security guard assigned to the Mars City Underground. He guards the airlock connecting it and the abandoned comm facility. After being told by T. Brooks that Doomguy was coming ahead of time, Ryan directed Doomguy towards the comm facility and assuaged his fears about having to walk around on the surface of Mars by reminding him that his suit carried plenty of oxygen. Unfortunately, at the start of the invasion, Ryan was killed by a zombie, who dragged him away and started eating him before Doomguy returned and promptly killed it. Ryan didn't even have a chance to grab his pistol.

The player can pick up Ryan's PDA if he shoots him when he first sees him. The only thing it contains is an e-mail from Brooks about Doomguy coming. He doesn't appear in the Xbox port, although his PDA can be found in Convergence Chamber 2 and is now needed to access the security office.


R. Roland

R. Roland is a maintenance worker you meet when you return to Mars City. He lowers a ladder for you at the start of the level, allowing you to enter the ventilation shaft where he's hiding. He then explains that he was working up here when some kind of shockwave hit the base and people started changing. He doesn't know how he survived. He then asks you to go get help.

His fate is unknown, but it's possible that he was rescued at the end of the game by the rescue team. Assuming he did not leave his hiding spot, there is a good chance he would have lived to be rescued. However, according to the intro to Resurrection of Evil, the only known survivor of the incident on Mars is the player, implying that everyone else was killed offscreen during the course of the game. However, the end of The Lost Mission reveals that at least two others - a scientist and another Marine Protagonist - survived the invasion, so, it is possible that Roland survived.

Specialist Wilson[edit]

Specialist Wilson is a marine voiced by John Carmack, who is heard over the radio when the player returns to Mars City. He states that his whole squad had been wiped out and that he doesn't know where to go or what to do. Sergeant Kelly orders Wilson to fortify his current position and wait for rescue. The player does not hear from Wilson again after this, and it can be assumed that Wilson was ultimately killed off screen. His transmission is meant to heighten the sense of fear in the game.

Possible factual error: Assuming that the Marine Corps on Mars uses the same ranking system as the real life US Marine Corps, then Wilson should be a Corporal, as the rank of Specialist is only used by the Army.

E. Webb[edit]

E. Webb

E. Webb is a wounded marine the player encounters in the Administration Complex just outside the doors leading to the Alpha Labs. Webb tells the player that his squad was trying to link up with the other surviving marines but they were ambushed and that the rest of his squad is dead. He encourages the player to try to find the other Marine teams. He dies shortly after he finishes speaking.

He is named after id Software development assistant and animator Eric Webb.

George Krietman[edit]

George Krietman

George Krietman is a research assistant assigned to Alpha Labs - Sector 1 on Mars, and was in charge of the Hydrocon. He survives the initial Demonic assault because the area he was attending to was incredibly difficult to find, even for residents of the base. He decides not to leave the spot, not just because it was safe, but because it monitors and controls the Hydrocon holders, which became unstable in the assault. Just one bullet hitting the Hydrocon holders would cause a massive explosion. He is found by Doomguy eventually. He tells Doomguy that he must stay to get the Hydrocon levels under control, but promises to meet him once he finishes the job. It is unknown whether Krietman got the Hydrocon under control because it was still unstable as Doomguy was moving through. Since Krietman never came to Doomguy, it can be assumed demons either found him, or he died while attempting to reach the Doomguy.

It is possible to kill Krietman and take his PDA, which details a message from a friend named Pat Harvey, who is asking Krietman if he had seen his PDA. It is difficult to kill Krietman and get his PDA because Doomguy automatically lowers his gun when facing friendly humans in close proximity.

Unknown Survivor in C4[edit]

While the player is in the Ventilation Ducts in Alpha Labs - Sector 2, he receives a transmission over the radio from an unknown survivor: "Hello. Is this reaching anyone? I'm broadcasting on a very low frequency. If you can hear me, I'm not far. I've locked myself in storage room C4. Please, if anyone can hear me, please help."

The player never finds Storage Room C4, nor does he encounter the unknown survivor. There is a secret room under one of the floor plates in storage in engineering area (right after the MFS Compressor room). While going down that passage the player gets the second and the last transmission from this survivor, but it is muffled and it is impossible to understand what he says. Down there player encounters a single imp. There is also some ammo and small secret vent room with armor where some disturbing ambient sounds can be heard. It can be assumed this survivor perished, although there is no blood or any remains that could prove it. The transmission was most likely included in the level as yet another suspense factor.



Lane may have been the leader of Bravo Team based on communications, "This is Lane. Give me status." Like the other members of the team, he is armed with a machine gun.


Sam is the second named member of Bravo Team. Another member reports, "There's nothing here, Sam." After this, an imp attacks from above.

T. Ryan[edit]

T. Ryan

T. Ryan is a Delta Labs scientist whom the player meets on the monorail tram at the start of the level Monorail: Facility Transport. During the demon invasion, Ryan's partner went to investigate but never returned and was likely killed by the demons. When the player meets Ryan, he is confused and scared and tells the player that Delta Labs is not safe and that the artifacts at Site 3 have something to do with the invasion. When the tram stops at Site 2, the player leaves Ryan on the Monorail tram to unlock the Delta Labs entrance. When the player returns to the tram, Ryan's body has been torn apart by a swarm of trites.

B. Brasky[edit]

B. Brasky is a character referenced only in text on computers in Delta Labs - Level 2a. He was a medical doctor (MD) who was part of Science Team 7 and assisted Peter Raleigh. Aside from being mentioned in one of Raleigh's logs on the computer in Raleigh's workspace, Brasky's own computer station mentions that Raleigh asked him to restock the supplies in the nearby cabinet and that he changed the code for the cabinet accordingly.

Dr. Michaels[edit]

Dr. Michaels

Dr. Michaels is a scientist who can be found in Delta Labs - Level 2b. During the invasion, Dr. Michaels locked himself in his research lab and began studying the corpse of an imp brought back earlier from one of the Portal expeditions, hoping to find a weakness. Michaels will give you the code (624) for a pair of supply cabinets in the adjacent room.

What happens to Michaels is unknown, but there's a good chance he was killed off screen since the Resurrection of Evil intro states that the Marine was the only survivor. However, given the implications of The Lost Mission, there may have been other survivors.

The Bio-Suit Zombie model in Resurrection of Evil is a modification of his model, which is also shared by the anonymous individual who is killed by the Hell knights in the main portal in Delta Labs - Level 4.

Jacob Stemmons[edit]

Jacob L. Stemmons was an Analysis Supervisor assigned to Delta Labs, Level 2b on Mars during the events of Doom 3. He was one of the few people to survive the first wave of the demonic invasion. At some point, he became trapped inside a Maintenance Area underneath the Stasis Control Junction. The Nameless Marine overheard Jacob's calls for help and tried to free him. Unfortunately, an imp got to Jacob first. The Marine killed the imp but could not save Jacob. Jacob's death is scripted, so you can't save him no matter how fast you are.

Jacob's PDA reveals that the code for Storage Locker 213 is 3-7-1.

Gibson Goldstein[edit]

Gibson Goldstein's skeleton.

Gibson Goldstein was an administrative employee positioned in the Base 1 area of Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer. He attempted to send an emergency alert via his workstation when the demonic invasion started, which can still be seen partially typed out on its monitor. Like most bodies found from Delta 4 onwards, he has been reduced to just a skeleton, and a blood splatter, presumably related to his cause of death, can be found across the monitor. His final message reads:

"In need of immediate assistance. Multiple injury reports coming in following an explosion of unknown origin. Weapons fire can be heard from my sta"
― Gibson Goldstein

J. Katayama[edit]

J. Katayama

J. Katayama is a maintenance worker who can be found in Caverns - Area 1. He was one of the few personnel who survived the initial invasion of Hell. The Marine finds him in the thermal regulation pumps, hiding away from the demons. He refuses to come out until he's sure that all of the demons are dead. Katayama offers the Marine his key card, and then pushes him to get out quickly since the Marine is making too much noise. He is the last survivor the player meets before the end of the game.

His fate is ultimately unknown, but he presumably perished along with the whole of Mars Base, as Resurrection of Evil states that the Marine was the only known survivor of Hell's invasion. However, given the implications of The Lost Mission, there may have been other survivors.

Resurrection of Evil[edit]

Dying Marine[edit]

The dying Marine

The Dying Marine appears in a cutscene in the middle of Erebus - Level 1: Main Excavation. He is alone and badly wounded (probably the last survivor of his squad) when an imp attacks him. Despite his injuries, he manages to use a Grabber Gun to catch the imp's fireball and throw it back, killing the imp. The protagonist comes across him moments later. In his dying breaths, the marine tells the protagonist to take his Grabber Gun, as the protagonist won't get far without it. He then succumbs to his wounds.

This marine is notable for being one of the few NPCs who is seen actually killing a demon.

R. George[edit]

R. George

R. George is a maintenance worker who can be found hiding in a locker near the start of Erebus - Level 2: Erebus Dig Site. He states that the UAC has no idea what they're up against. He then tells you to go away before you attract the demons' attention. He is most likely killed by the demons shortly after you leave.

Ron Gibbons[edit]

R. Gibbons

Ron Gibbons is a senior technician who can be found in Erebus - Level 4: Erebus Control trapped in a corridor. Upon seeing you, he asks you to help him get out. Unfortunately, a vulgar appears and attacks him. The door into the corridor is locked and the glass is bullet-proof, so you cannot save him. When you later get into the corridor, you can collect his PDA which contains storage locker codes.

Viktor Kharkov[edit]

Dr. Viktor Kharkov was high-ranking member of Elizabeth McNeil's research team, tasked with archaeological and cryptographic work toward understanding the new tablets that had been recently unearthed at Site 1. When the invasion broke out, McNeil requested that he retrieve the Primitive, a small stone tablet that he had been previously researching, from storage and bring it to Dr. Cloud. Kharkov never made it, however, as he is found dead near the Primitive. The room he is found in is filled with toxic gas, so he may have been killed by the gas if not by the demons. The Marine completes the task, allowing the tablets describing the Hell Hunters and the Artifact to be understood.

According to his emails, Kharkov was an avid poker player and "shark" who made money by inviting a lot of well-paid technicians and researchers to his games whom he knew were poorly skilled at the game. He also had a family on Earth eagerly awaiting his return from Mars. Other emails see people thanking him for games and saying they "need to work on their openings", which could suggest that Kharkov played chess as well.

Dr. Cloud[edit]

Dr. Cloud

Dr. Cloud is a scientist who worked for Dr. Elizabeth McNeil during the UAC's second Mars expedition. When the demons began invading again, McNeil ordered the Marine to bring the Primitive, a tablet of The Artifact, to him, so he and McNeil could learn the secrets of the Artifact and use it to defeat Hell. He informs the Marine about the three Hunters who were created to safeguard the Artifact and goes on to say that the Artifact itself is a weapon of tremendous power. His fate at the end of the game is unknown. He may have been killed by the demons, or else died when the base's life support systems were shut down to reroute power to the Delta Teleporter.

He is possibly named after id Software artist Kevin Cloud.

M. Ryden[edit]

M. Ryden

M. Ryden is a marine you encounter near the start of Erebus - Level 6: Erebus Station. He is found trying to repair a sentry bot. He explains that he survived because he had a lot of sentry bots with him, but he sent them ahead into the tunnel. He tells you the tunnel is the only way to get to the Monorail and to stay close to any sentry bots you find. Ryden's fate is unknown as he is not encountered again after this.

It is possible to kill Ryden and use his corpse to power the Artifact.

The Lost Mission[edit]

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