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The MipImage format is used for storing textures and UI elements in Amulets & Armor. Each MipImage is built up of one or more sub-images. If there are multiple sub-images, they are used to store smaller copies of the main image in descending size.

Sub-image format notes[edit]

Note: Width & Height are always the size of the first/largest image. Each sub-image size is half as wide and half as tall as the previous sub-image (rounded down). Textures and UI elements are actually stored slightly differently: UI elements are stored as displayed, while textures are rotated 90-degrees counterclockwise. There is no information in the image file to indicate this however, so it must be known by the context in which the image is used.

Sub-image format details[edit]

0 2 Width
2 2 Height
4 W*H Image pixels