Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid


Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid
Title screen
Authors Various
Port ZDoom
Year 2003
Link Doomworld/idgames

Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid is a 41 level Joke WAD for Doom II and a spiritual successor to Mockery that came out in November 2003. Described by many as "so stupid that it's funny," the mod relies on ridiculous enemy placement, gratuitous abuse of ZDoom features, and intentionally displeasing map design. Mock 2 was also known for hundreds of enemies in levels, with one level containing 702 cyberdemons in a box, and a large outdoor level with 993 cacodemons. The god mode cheat can often be necessary to complete many levels due to the sheer number of enemies.

The mod takes not-so-subtle jabs at then-current mapping trends while pushing the envelope of goofiness, including a level that "undetails" itself when the player complains, a demon-run fast food restaurant called MockDonald's (complete with a working playground), and a level entitled "Ejipt" which, despite its apparent Egyptian theme, is full of non-textured walls and random slopes. Some levels also include module music and music clips, such as a Hell knight and baron of Hell rendition of the song "Vampire Killer" from the Castlevania series, a super shotgun remix of DWANGO5 MAP01, and "It's Raining Men" played during a scripted zombie spawning sequence. The credits map takes the player through a demon nightclub where monsters ignore the player, to a final inescapable room where the Icon of Sin is rendered as a giant person sitting on a toilet bowl, spawning an endless supply of monsters in a display of crude toilet humor.

Mock 2 left a lasting mark on Doom community culture by jump-starting a trend of Joke WADs that followed Mock 2's style of presentation - a trend that continued until the late 2000s. It is the 12th most popular single player WAD by number of votes cast on the idgames archive frontend[1], only bested by The Sky May Be, Nuts, and Wow.



Given the nature of the WAD, bugs are likely intentional, including mapping errors and scripting errors.

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