IE Magazine clip showing full rotations of three Doom II models

Seven Doom characters were built as sculptures during Doom & Doom II development. The first models - the Doomguy, baron of Hell and cyberdemon - were sculpted by Adrian Carmack. Working on them proved to be more time-consuming than he expected; for this reason, id Software eventually hired Gregor Punchatz to build the rest of the models (the arch-vile, mancubus, revenant and spiderdemon).

Translating the modeled characters into the game was a relatively straightforward task. The sculptures were first captured from eight different angles using a video camera and John Carmack's program, Fuzzy Pumper Palette Shop. The scans were then finished by rescaling, recoloring and animating them in the Doom engine's 256 colour graphics format. This procedure saved Adrian and assistant artist Kevin Cloud a lot of work, as they only had to draw a few character sprite sets from scratch.


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