Monorail: Facility Transport


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Map name: game/monorail
"The Delta Complex isn't safe. You're crazy if you're going there!"
― T. Ryan [source]

Monorail: Facility Transport is the fourteenth level of Doom 3. Player must take it to reach the Delta Labs by monorail. Commando zombies first appear here in a cutscene at the beginning of the level.


Recycling Facility Boarding: There is an open ammunition locker, and a health station, which should bring you back to full function. Enter the monorail and activate the console at the end of the track. When the Monorail moves, you get to speak with T. Ryan, who suggests the problems are likely with the artifacts dug up in Delta Labs.

Site 2 Boarding Platform: Although there are some items under the monorail, they're best saved for later.

Site 2 Transfer Area: There are a large number of enemies in this section. When you turn around the second corner, there will be one enemy that approaches from the monorail. At the third corner when an imp appears at the far end, there are also two imps that appear from behind. More enemies appear when you reach the ramp on the other side of this area, attacking from both directions. When you reach the room for the airlock override, enemy trites will arrive in the previous room.

Unlock the airlock by entering code 826 in the console. This code is found in the PDA for Gary Ross. Return to the monorail.

Delta Complex Walkway: Ascend the ladder. The route is the first door to the right, which first leads to a corridor with trites. On the loading platform, there's two commandos that attack in series. Through the door is a Zombie, and an imp. One more commando past the door.

Monorail Security: One Z-sec attacks from the platform above, while the other flanks from the stairs. When you advance into the corridor, imps attack from in front and behind.

Delta Complex Walkway: One commando behind the door. A few second later, an imp teleports behind you.

Delta Security Checkpoint: The auto-turret is active, and will get rid of some enemies for you. Enter the open doorway between the metal detector and the locked door, and wait for the turret to finish off the enemies. You can unlock the two cabinets in the other room, during the wait, and deactivate the turret when the room calms down.


  • Sam Harding: Recycling Facility Boarding
  • Gary Ross: Site 2 Transfer area, near stairs (Junction 5 airlock code: 826)
  • Charles Hollies: Site 2 Board platform, on console.
  • Karl Cullen: Monorail Security, on consoles.




Storage Cabinets[edit]

  • Storage Cabinet #003: Already Open
  • Storage Cabinet #054: 142
  • Storage Cabinets #078 and #079: 364

External links[edit]

  • Walkthrough video by WoopzillaWalkthrough (part 1; part 2) on YouTube. Veteran difficulty; part of a full game run.