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Map name: game/recycling1

Monorail Skybridge: Facility Transport is the twelfth level of Doom 3. This is where trash is processed in the UAC. The player is supposed to simply cross the Skybridge to reach the Monorail, but in a stunning move, Betruger makes the bridge crash, and thus, the player must go through Recycling - Sector 1. The Revenant is introduced in a cutscene, and this is the only level with toxic waste pools, in which the player has to fix a leaking pipe in order to move on in the level. The Rocket Launcher is found here.

Note: This level is also called Recycling - Sector 1.


As soon as the bridge crashes, head towards the airlock to the right. There are two cacodemons that attack, but are easily held back.

When you get through the airlock and proceed through the access Hall, the lights darken, and a pinky will approach from around the corner. Past the corner is a zombie, and maggot. One last zombie appears just before the exit door.

The revenant makes the debut in Storage 1 with a second revenant attacking from the upper stairs. In the second storage room, one pinky, one zombie, and one imp, with the imp attacking if you head straight. In this room, take the right door to elevator access, where an imp, a maggot, and an imp attack in sequence. Ride the elevator down.

At the bottom of the elevator, you will encounter maggots, including one that appears after you turn the corner. At the first junction, you will be attacked by two revenants, attacking from both branches. Continue through the door to the main tank and pump control.

In the pump, there is a pinky attacking from the first corner. When defeated, a pinky will spawn at the entrance of the room. In the darkened corridor towards the secondary pump room, a zombie and maggot will enter from a closet from ahead and behind. An imp, maggot and revenatn are on the second floor.

Enter Central Maintenance, and more monsters attack: an imp from the current floor, and a revenant upstairs on the right. The stairs are broken, you will have to go through toxis waste procesing. Jump across the platofrms, and into the rooms ahead, there's about one imp per room or corridor, and a maggot. You should reach the console to extend a service ladder, where two imps are in the path leading to the broken pump. Jump on the pipes, and walk across to the other side, and use the console there to shut town the pump.

Return to Toxic waste processing, and head to the other side of the room. Ascend, and go through the door.

In the secondary elevel, there are two pinkies that attack, although you can recover health from the medical station.

The underground tunnel is filled with trites. When you get to the end of this tunnel, the last two trites will attack from behind. Head to the end of the second toxic waste room, and towards the airlock. There is a rocker luancher to pick up, and a few more imps to fight as well.

When you head outside, you will need to head to the level exit, which is actually above and to the left. There is a revenant on the bridge, and a revenant approaching from the middle building. To reach the exit, you need enter the ruins of the middle building, and jump on the platforms to reach the bridge in the middle. A cacodemon will appear when you are midway across the bridge. Open the airlock, and transfer as soon as you can.




  • Nick Sadowayj: On console to extend service ladder. Contains a code for a cabinet.
  • Anthony Garza: In Toxic Disposal Maintenance.

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There are no cabinets in this sector. Instead, the code 483 applies to the next sector.

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  • Walkthrough video by WoopzillaWalkthrough (part 1; part 2) on YouTube. Veteran difficulty; part of a full game run.