Monster Resource WAD


The Monster Resource WAD is a 2004 creation from the ZDoom community, spearheaded by Kara Rader (Nanami) and providing several new monsters to the Doom bestiary; which have since found their way to several other mods. It eventually was superseded by the Realm 667 "Beastiary".


The custom monsters are split into two parts: possessed zombies are placed in humans.wad, and the rest is places in monsters.wad. Both are found in the same zip archive, as well as two demo maps allowing to test the monsters.



The afrit (not to be confused with the Hexen afrit) is a fiery-red flying variant of the baron of Hell. It has no legs, instead its lower body is made of flames and sparks. It has a variety of fire-based attacks and is constantly orbited by two flaming meteors similar to those it can throw at its enemies. The sprites were created by Espi, though the attack frames were based on those created by Kristus for the "arch-demon" in Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE. Its behavior was coded mostly by Nanami. The afrit was one of the most popular monsters from the MRW, even appearing (adapted to DeHackEd) in Bloodstain, Resurgence and Scythe 2.


Originally created by Quasar for the defunct Eternity TC, the arachnophyte is a weaker spider mastermind whose legs have been replaced by jet thrusters, allowing it to fly.


Coming from the Skulltag roster, this is a dark-red baron of Hell with black leg fur and thrice as much health as a Hell knight.

Blood demon

One of the Skulltag monsters, it is merely a tougher demon with dark red sprites.


Another Skulltag monster, this cacodemon Jack-o'-lantern has twice as much health and fires a faster projectile. It has been given a new sprite set edited by Lexus Alyus, which shows them as bright orange, hollowed cacodemons with the eye plucked out and lit by a black candle placed inside of them.


Using original sprites by Vader and code from TheDarkArchon, these undead cacodemons are available in two versions that differ only in their attack types.

Cyber mastermind

Created by Nanami from the spider mastermind chassis and the cyberdemon's upper body, this monster combines both of Doom's boss monsters into one.

Dark imps

There are three variants of the dark imp concept. All have twice as much health as the regular imp and the same recolored imp sprites, however they vary by their attack patterns. Nanami's own version shoots a homing projectile; the Skulltag version shoots a fast projectile; and the Void version (which, in Void itself, was merely a reskin of the undead warrior from Heretic) randomly shoots either a weak or a powerful projectile.

Enhanced cacodemon

Visually similar to Skulltag's abaddon, this gray cacodemon created by Tormentor667 attacks with a spread of three fireballs.


Two small flying creatures created by Espi from Hexen sprites, with code by Nanami. The dragon familiar, based on scaled-down and cleaned up death wyvern sprites, has a ranged breath weapon; the bat familiar, using the bat SFX from Hexen, is limited to melee attacks.

Fast imp

A monster adapted by Graf Zahl from STRAIN, this is a normal-looking imp that moves much faster and throws fireballs repeatedly at a high fire rate.

Fire wyvern

Based by Graf Zahl on the Mordeth enemies that use the same green-colored Hexen afrit sprites, this is a basic enemy, similar to the afrits and fire gargoyles: it flies and shoots fireballs.

Hell guard

A creation of Espi, based on the Hell knight's legs and the Heretic ophidian's body, it attacks by throwing volleys of bright yellow projectiles from its staff.

Hell's fury

Using sprites created by Torm based on the recolored body of a Hell noble with black skin and white leg fur, and a head taken from the beta lost soul, this monster has been coded by TheDarkArchon to use two different projectile attacks.

Hell warrior

Another Hell noble wielding equipment, this creation of Tormentor is a baron with a copperish tan skin carrying a recolored centaur shield. In KDIZD, it would get new sprites with a lion head and a fiery fist.

Imp warlord

Originally a concept from Nick Baker's Doom Beastiary by Espi, it was completed by Espi and given its combat behavior by Nanami, alternating between five different attacks, including the ability to summon familiars. The sprites are created using elements from several Hexen sprite sets, notably the centaur and the cleric.

Lord of Heresy

Originally a simple reskin by Vader of the baron of Hell in The Rebirth, this winged Hell noble becomes a stronger monster able to fire up to three fireballs at once.


An edit of the beta lost soul by Tormentor667, coded by TheDarkArchon.

Mauler demon

Inspired by the behavior of the mauler demon in Ni'mRoD - IXNAY on the HOMBRE, and using sprites from STRAIN, this red demon coded by Graf Zahl charges at its targets like a lost soul.

Nightmare cacodemon

Coded by Graf Zahl with sprites recolored by Bouncy, this is a reinterpretation of the monster from the Doom 64 TC. Bright blue but mostly transparent, it is very fast and aggressive.

Plasma elemental

Created by Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer) and coded by TheDarkArchon, this is simply a pain elemental that shoots a stream of plasma projectiles. Its death throes likewise throw plasma in all directions.

Rail arachnotron

An arachnotron equipped with a railgun, created by Torm and coded by Graf Zahl.


A recolored baron created by Nanami and limited to melee attacks. It would eventually get its own set of original sprites, created by Vader, in KDIZD; but in the MRW it is a Hell noble with tan fur on its legs and dark brown skin.

Soul harvester

This gray-colored imp created by Tormentor667 is originally a reskin of the Heretic nitrogolem. Like the satyr, it would eventually get new sprites in KDIZD.

Scorpion mastermind

Created by LilWhiteMouse, this is a boss monster similar to the spider mastermind in design. A scorpion-like robotic chassis equipped with a chaingun stinger and a rocket launcher claw, with a green brainhead shaped somewhat like that of a shark or lizard. The sprite set was created from a model of LWM's design and does not fit so well among the rest of the Doom sprites.

Snake imp

Created by Cyb from the ophidian sprites, this is a green, naga-like imp, inspired by the "Imp Serpent" concept by Enjay from Nick Baker's Beastiary.

Stone imp

Created by Espi, this tough and spikeless imp variant is functionally closer to a slower demon.

Super imp

Adapted from Obituary by The Innocent Crew (where it actually was a reskinned Hell knight tweaked with DeHackEd), this imp looks like all other imps until it starts throwing a projectile.

Tortured soul

An edit of the pain elemental sprites by Jason Masihdas (Amaster), with code by Xaser to make it attack with green poison clouds.


A variant of the lost soul with black and orange flames that explodes on contact, created by Torm and coded by Graf Zahl.


BFG zombie

A black-haired zombie equipped with a BFG9000 and which drops cells when killed, created by Graf Zahl.

Chainsaw zombie

A zombieman wielding a chainsaw, created by Bouncy and with additional scripting by Graf Zahl.

Plasma zombie

A zombieman in a bloodstained green armor that wields a plasma gun and drops cells.

Rapid fire trooper

A yellow-haired zombieman created by Graf Zahl, with a fire rate similar to the Wolfenstein SS.

Rifle zombie

A sergeant with ochre blood (supposed to be rotten meat) that uses very fast projectiles instead of hitscan, coded by TheDarkArchon and sprited by Tormentor667. The sprites are also used by the zombie railgunner.

Rocket guy

Based on a monster from Obituary by The Innocent Crew, this masked zombie wields a rocket launcher. Available in two versions, one that is immune to splash damage and another that can kill itself by accident.

Shotgun soldier

A possessed soldier with a clean uniform. Its shotgun fires seven pellets instead of three, same as the player's shotgun, making him more dangerous than a normal sergeant. The sprites were provided by NiGHTMARE, though he did not make them.

Spread fire zombie

A variant of the chaingunner using a plasma weapon that fires bursts of three projectiles, alternatively vertical and horizontal. This was inspired by the spreadfire cannon in Descent.

Stealth fighter

Based on the "high-tech guy" from Obituary by The Innocent Crew, this enemy has a mostly transparent sprite set and a high rate of fire.

Zombie marine

A zombie with a protective helmet and firing with an automatic rifle, created by Bouncy.

Zombie railgunner

Coded by Bouncy and using the same sprites as the rifle zombie, this rotten sergeant wields a railgun. Four versions differing only by the amount of damage they deal are included.

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