Mordeth is a partial conversion by Gaston "Mordeth" Lahaut. The first six levels were released in 1997, while the remaining episodes are still in development. The finished project will use the Eternity Engine.

Mordeth was listed on Doomworld's Top 10 Infamous WADs due to the fact that the remaining episodes have taken a very long time to materialise, and the project personnel have been coming and going. It is one of the longest-waited high-profile incomplete projects in the Doom community. As a result, the Cacowards' Mordeth Award was named after it.


The available demo was packaged with New WAD Tool. The custom flat and sprite replacements are contained in the file MORGRAP0.WAD. Contrarily to DeuSF, NWT does not use namespace markers to group sprites and flats together; and indeed replacement flats are sprinkled over the sprites which constitute the bulk of MORGRAP0. As a result, it is not enough to simply load MORDETH.WAD and MORGRAP0 in most modern source ports.

In Chocolate Doom, the command line parameter -aa can be used to load MORGRAP0.WAD in a way that emulates how NWT works. The full command line to load Mordeth is:

chocolate-doom -aa MORGRAP0.WAD -file MORDETH.WAD -deh MORDETH.DEH

For other ports, the easy solution is to obtain the DeuSF version of Mordeth ( - available at Doomworld, see link below). The alternative is to look through the graphics resource file to cut and paste the lumps as appropriate in the correct namespaces. The flats are GATE4, GRNLITE1, MFLR8_1, BLOOD1, BLOOD2, BLOOD3, CEIL3_1, GATE2, GATE3, and GATE1, in that order (but with many sprites interspersed). Once they are removed, all remaining lumps are sprites.


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