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Nash Muhandes is a long-time Doom modder from Malaysia. He is known primarily for his mods created for the ZDoom engine, including Nash's Gore Mod, among many other "quality of life" mods designed for universal improvement of the player experience. He also is a strong proponent of using Doom engines (specifically GZDoom) for standalone games, and has contributed many community resources to enable such projects.

Nash received one of the 2021 Cacowards for his Strife Coop Patch Project.


In 2015, Nash spearheaded GZDoom-GPL, one of several attempts to create a GPL-compliant GZDoom fork for use by creators of standalone games. Though eventually discontinued, much of the work done on GZDoom-GPL eventually found a home in the mainline GZDoom codebase when it finally achieved full GPL compliance.

The original Nash's Gore Mod (known colloquially as "Nashgore") received acclaim for its novel visuals and pioneering use of now-common modding techniques such as replacing Doom's blood splat actor via DECORATE, and using flat-plane 3D models as "floor decals" for blood pools and other such effects. Nashgore was later used as a base for the gore system in the original Brutal Doom (though most of the original code has since been reworked or replaced).

Nash has also worked on refining techniques to render "Doom-style" sprites from Blender models. A noteworthy example of this are the replacement helper dog sprites which were first added to GZDoom on 30 September 2017[1] and have since also been adopted by other ports. (The original MBF dog sprites were taken without authorization from Wolfenstein 3D, making it a legal liability to distribute alongside a source port.)

He currently serves as a ZDoom Community Guide, working on improvements for utilties such as ZDRay, and has recently formalized an independent game studio known as Mischief Donut, consisting of several long-time Doom community members focused on producing standalone games.

Other ventures[edit]

Nash is a professional musician and audio engineer, and has either performed with or produced several bands including Caladrius, Ivory Aisle, and Face the Wolf.

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