Nazi Auferstehung


Nazi Auferstehung (German for Resurrection) is a ZDoom mod which got the 2006 Worst Wad Cacoward.


The game, set in a sci-fi future, tells a story of a marine, who has been sent to destroy a neo-Nazi organization. However, the player finds out that the neo-Nazis have managed to revive Nazi soldiers from Hell. As the player continues to battle the Nazis and their fearsome experiments, including Hitler clones and a resurrected Hitler, the player finally fights Satan and defeats him. Satan's apparent death eventually created a black hole, that sends every Nazi and monster back to Hell forever. The game ends with the player returning to his headquarters.


There are currently several versions of this mod. The first premature "beta" was released in 2006 and received the Worst Wad Cacoward, this version was said to have been at least 100 MB due to containing a vast amount of MP3 files and duplicated data. It was later rereleased without the MP3 files bringing the file size down to 36 MB. The final and third release, made in 2009, coming in at 5.6 MB, removed all the duplicated material, while fixing some of the previous bugs in the beta and the second release. This wad is considered by some to be a pseudo-homage to the Wolfenstein series, with its mixed themes of science fiction and arcane associations, aside from the use of Nazi adversaries.

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