Necropolis (Doom 2016)


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Necropolis (Doom 2016)
For the final hub of Hexen, see Hub 5: Necropolis.

The Necropolis is a level of Doom (2016), the third area of Hell visited by the Doom marine in his quest for the Crucible. The Crucible is also the name of the eleventh mission that takes place in this level.

"You fought your way through Hell and found the Titan's Core - a portal that gets you one step closer to the Crucible and defeating the forces of Hell for good. You must crush the Crucible guardians and retrieve what is yours."
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The Necropolis was explored along with the Titan's Realm as part of the 2148 expedition to the Great Steppe. Massive structures were found in this area which were believed to be native to the area before it had been absorbed into Hell. The architecture was found to resemble Earthly schools of design as well as several unknown styles, hypothesized to be extra-terrestrial in origin. Many of the structures were religious or spiritual in nature, but have been corrupted to serve as temples for the dark magic of Hell.

The expedition to this area was again met with extreme violence and resulted in the loss of all human life, but UAC Scout-Bots were able to return valuable information. In addition, it was here that the remains of the ancient Baalgar shadow lord were discovered, which later became the cyberdemon.

After learning that the Crucible may be housed here, Olivia Pierce instructed that no further expeditions would be undertaken.

Mission 11: The Crucible[edit]


Reclaim the Crucible
Reclaim the Crucible from its tomb


A Pin Pops a Balloon
Kill a mancubus with the pistol.
Two Mouths to Feed
Kill two cacodemons with one shot.
Wait For It
Kill ten demons with explosive barrels.

Special items[edit]

Item Amount
Argent cells 1
Combat support drones 1
Elite guards 2
Rune trials None
Secrets 3


Picture Name Unlocks model How to find
Tealguy Chainsaw When jumping over three floating platforms leading to a cave with a large skull and a waiting mancubus, land on the last platform, turn around and look slightly down to a platform below the one from which you previously jumped.
Hazmatguy Gauss cannon Shoot a rocket into the opening on the Icon of Sin's forehead, and a spawn cube will spawn. The Hazmatguy will appear on the ground where the spawn cube lands.

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